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Comment Re:This definitely (Score 1) 447

Absolutely, Catholics are christians and believe in Jesus Christ, hence Christians.

I've found the quotes from that old T-shirt quite descriptive:

Protestantism: If shit happens, I have to work harder.
Catholicism: If shit happens, I deserve it.

Personally I'm a pragmatic agnostic, which would be something along the lines of "If shit happens, it doesn't matter if it's the work of a Deity, they don't seem to care about us anyway."


Submission + - Lumina web series launched (luminaseries.com)

process writes: "This week the first webisode of the Lumina web series launched. It's a 9 part series filmed in Hong Kong and the episodes will be released as free (as in beer) streams on the web. It features Lumina, played by the beautiful JuJu Chan, who's life is suddenly changed when she meets a stranger in her mirror. This makes for some great imagery, using many of the numerous reflective surfaces in Hong Kong. The series was filmed with the Red One, a digital video camera, launched in 2007. The Red One is capable of recording at resolutions up to 4096x2304 pixels, directly to flash or hard disk storage and features an Arri PL lens mount, making it a viable option for smaller independent productions. Interviews with creator Jennifer Thym are available at uberscifigeek.com and various other places. English and Chinese subtitles are up, but Jennifer still needs help with other languages (English is spoken in the series)."

Comment Re:Technically.. (Score 1, Interesting) 362

You're missing the point.

The lawyer asked for proof that HIS CLIENT, Nelson Ivan Serrano, was able to travel across two states and kill four people in the time that prosecutors had alleged.

Not that someone else could do it. The GP points out that this is what Dustin Kolodziej has accomplished and that his claim for the cash will easily be disputed in a court of law. This could be the loophole the lawyer needs to get out of this easily.

I'm not, and I don't know if GP is, saying this is right - but hey, there's law for you

Comment Metallized Shielding Bags (Score 1) 276

Metallized shielding bags, the ones computer components often are delivered in.

You ought to have some lying around, right?

Note that not all anti-static bags are shielded, but usually the ones for RAM and HD have a metal film that effectively creates a faraday cage.

They're the shiny ones. ;)

I learned this when working with RFID used for registering cars passing at tollbooths, the chips and their containers needed to be shielded for transportation to a POS that was on the other side of a tollbooth.

Better for sticking your passport in, less practical for hats.

Comment That's 12:34 8.7.9 (Score 1) 18

for us in Europe (rest of the world?) you insensitive clod.

But we'll be there in a month!

Although I'm biased, I've always thought it makes more sense to order dates with the more precise digit first. (DD/MM/YY).

For chronologically sorting dates represented as integers I guess YYYYMMDD would be handy.

Comment Re:What stupidity. (Score 1) 398

It's easy as pie:

Skinner: Well, I was wrong. The lizards are a godsend.
Lisa: But isn't that a bit short-sighted? What happens when we're overrun by lizards?
Skinner: No problem. We simply release wave after wave of Chinese needle snakes. They'll wipe out the lizards.
Lisa: But aren't the snakes even worse?
Skinner: Yes, but we're prepared for that. We've lined up a fabulous type of gorilla that thrives on snake meat.
Lisa: But then we're stuck with gorillas!
Skinner: No, that's the beautiful part. When wintertime rolls around, the gorillas simply freeze to death.


Comment That's an interesting way to bankrupt a company. (Score 5, Interesting) 545

Now there's a flaw in our economy that's waiting to be exploited. Handling fees that are higher than the amount received, effectively draining the company of cash.

It would also drain resources and create massive amounts of paperwork. Even though the process may be mostly automated I'd hate to revise those books, assuming enough people had done this.

Kind of like a distributed denial of service attack.

Of course it's easily remedied by blocking all cash transfers under a certain amount. I guess you're not obliged to accept money, but still it'd cause some extra work. Probably not enough to bring any given company down, but an interesting thought nonetheless.

Social Networks

The Sims 3 To Mesh With Social Networks 25

Electronic Arts has released a good bit of information about the online aspects of The Sims 3, which is due for release in early June. The game will have downloadable content available on launch day that includes a second, separate town called Riverview. They'll also be revamping the game's website to allow the sharing of content and integration with social media. In addition, EA mentioned that the game will make use of micro-transactions, which players can use to buy things like furniture, clothing, and other items.

Richard Dawkins to Appear on Doctor Who 692

Ravalox writes "In an interview with The Independent, current curator of the Doctor Who legacy Russell T. Davis announced that distinguished evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins would be making an appearance in the new season of Doctor Who. To quote Davies: 'People were falling at his feet ... We've had Kylie Minogue on that set, but it was Dawkins people were worshipping.' Dawkins is the author of many best-selling non-fiction books, from The Selfish Gene and The Blind Watchmaker to The God Delusion, and a renowned advocate of both Darwin's evolutionary theory and the merits of atheism."

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