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Submission + - Supercomputer Visualization Without Graphics Chips (

Al writes: "While the speed at which supercomputers can process data is growing rapidly, the same can't be said of the speed at which they can input and output that data. The result, is that some research teams are doing away with graphics-processing clusters altogether, and using the regular hardware for visualization instead. Researchers from Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) and the University of California at Davis created software for Intrepid, an IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer at ANL, that allows it to bypasses the graphics-processing cluster entirely, while producing spectacular supernova visualizations. "It allows us to [visualize experiments] in a place that's closer to where data reside--on the same machine," says lead researcher Tom Peterka. His team's solution obviates the need to take the time-consuming step of moving the data from where it was generated to a secondary computer cluster. This may be part of a broader trend, that is blurring the line between the CUP and the GPU. Only last week, AMD recently released software that allows GPU code to run on X86 CPUs."

AMD Launches New Processor Socket Despite Poor Economy 215

arcticstoat writes to tell us that despite a poor economic climate, AMD is moving forward with a new processor socket launch, although they are trying to make it as upgrade-friendly as possible. "As you probably already know from the AM3 motherboards that have already been announced, AM3 is AMD's first foray into DDR3 memory support. As Phenom CPUs have integrated memory controllers, it's more accurate to say that it's the new range of Phenom II CPUs (see below) that are DDR3-compatible. However, the new DDR3-compatible Phenom II range is also compatible with DDR2 memory. As the new CPUs and the new AM3 socket are pin-compatible with the current AM2+ socket, you can put a new AM3-compatible CPU into an existing AM2+ motherboard. This means that you can upgrade your CPU now without needing to change your motherboard or buy pricey new DDR3 memory."

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