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Comment Re:Why should I care? (Score 1) 218

I remember having a talk with an International Relations professor at university, he said (I'm paraphrasing) that in the international arena all nations have to fend for themselves eventually and that is defined as Realpolitik. The example was that if all nations were boats on the ocean, the size of each boat representing the power and influence of each nation, and if some big boat makes waves then all smaller boats will have to align themselves to the incoming ripples. The smaller you are the hardest the hit if you don't align yourself quickly.

So... for Sealand... I think it could be easily be overrun by the Bolivian Navy.

Comment Re:Don't store the data. (Score 1) 120

I didn't see gp post as condescending, I think he is trying to make the point of how serious private information storage is.

I did cringe on his reference of putting password/username/cc in one table, even encrypted. I suggest to use hash values to replace those real values and mask CC numbers. So even if the encryption is broken a hacker would not be able to identify the person.

Doing this doesn't limit your innovation in any way. It's actually a burden we all have to deal with to avoid a legal bomb landing on your lap.


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