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Comment Re:Anti-Trust (Score 1) 748

Compare linux server infections to Windows Server infections, and you have a viable comparison. Comparing Linux desktop viruses to WIndows would be a little more fair, but not really, since youre talking 0.1% of the market and there really isnt anyone who would want to spend time writing a virus for a heavily fragmented, highly technical userbase with a tiny percentage of the market.

Closer to 1.5% according to browser stats, not big in percentage terms but not so small as a absolute number in terms of the web user population. It's not just the writing of the virus, there are plenty of people angry enough about Linux to do that, but also the successful distribution and Linux makes that hard.

Comment Re:Two Simple Solutions (Score 2) 1105

If you want a really stark illustration of the problem, ask any parent how many endangered species they would be willing to see go extinct if it would mean sparing the life of just one of their children. (and now multiple that by the number of parents in the world).

I'm not sure how the mapping between endangered species and child sacrifice works out? Is it a religious thing?

Comment Re:Dialog is good and all... (Score 1) 717

Actually, it's not. Science and faith can coexist quite nicely since they really consider two different questions - the how (science) and why (faith). One can be a good scientist regardless of one's views on faith. Some religions certainly are anti - science but that does not mean all are; as Haught's viewpoint illustrates.

Doesn't science cover how (observation) and why (theory)?

Comment Re:Antitrust? (Score 1) 285

IE3 was the first bundled version, before bundling that version wasn't gaining quickly on anything. Netscape easily had the dominant share back then, and that's why MS grew concerned about Netscape's talk of creating cross-platform applications/services than run in a browser and make the OS irrelevant.

Comment Re:I wonder if the hackers would stop.. (Score 1) 452

The "rootkit-on-cd" thing just another broken DRM implementation designed to run on Windows. I'd like to be surprised at the naivety of those who boycott Sony over that while quite happily running Windows, but I can't say I am. People are quite happily voting with their feet in favour of DRM by buying Windows, a system designed to be friendly to DRM from the ground up, so aren't they pretty much getting what they've asked for?

Comment Re:Game companies are moving to where the money is (Score 1) 568

Just because you see a GameStop or EB games or similar on nearly every major strip mall in America doesn't mean that PC games are dead. Far from it, in fact. The number as of this last holiday season is 12 million paying subscribers. That means that they make enough money in 10 days to pay for the entire year's upkeep.

That's great if you're Blizzard, but what if you're trying to sell other non-subscription games? Or even an alternative subscription game? Those 12 million then become customers that are ignoring what you're putting out.

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