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Comment Two issues (Score 2) 285

There are two issues with all this multi-core speak we've been hearing:

There is hardly any code, other than a few optimized libraries, that use multi core processors. They try to make it sound unimportant but it is the largest hurdle. There is a reason people don't think of a 3930k as being 50% faster than a 3820! Other than some failed libraries like OpenMP; there are no valid programming models to use either multithreading and/or networking transparantly (since it should not functionally make any difference). Ergo: The developers are still making their single-thread code.

The advantage of multi core processors can be that you can lower you clockspeeds and/or memory speeds on secondary tasks. Hardly any research is done on that (I have myself but let's call that an 'academic' proof of concept).

Submission + -'s Benioff disses Windows 8, Oracle (

An anonymous reader writes: CEO Marc Benioff is the latest to predict Windows 8 will be a disaster for Microsoft, but for a different reason than some others: he says that Windows is simply irrelevant in the new era of cloud computing and bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), which will become clear to corporate IT decision makers when they confront the upgrade decision. Of course, this conveniently dovetails with Salesforce's market position, so consider the source. Another interesting development is the growing rivalry between Benioff and his old boss Larry Ellison; is a longtime Oracle shop, but they have just announced intentions to hire 40-50 PostgreSQL developers.

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