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Comment Re:Web (Score 1) 453

Correct me if I'm wrong -- I'm not a web developer -- but aren't Perl, Python, and Ruby all run on the server-side? There's a need for client-side implementation, and Javascript is it. (The only alternative I'm aware of is ActiveX, of which the less said the better.)

Comment Re:Saw what he wanted to see. (Score 1) 1110

Windows 8 is now about giving each application your full attention

But I don't work that way. Does anyone?

When I'm writing, I have my draft in one window, my notes in another, and a browser open so I can research. When I program I have one window for the editor and one in a shell ready to compile and run. When I work with spreadsheets it's rarely one sheet at a time, and usually I'm getting the numbers from a shell or browser window. About the only applications I use on their own are games. I need multiple document windows for almost every productive task. It sounds as if Metro disables this basic, necessary work environment. I just can't see myself ever using that part of the OS.

If I'm not ever, ever going to use Metro, why would I want Windows 8?

Comment Re:Amnesia as you go through a doorway (Score 1) 1110

Third, I've known gamers to pry off their Windows keys or buy Windows key-less keyboards because accidentally pressing the Windows key while reaching for Ctrl or Alt or Z during a full-screen game makes certain games fail.

This. I've pried the Windows key off my keyboard because it breaks out of games and it's inconveniently located between two keys that games use often. I can get a new keyboard, but I'd rather just stick with an OS that works the way I want it to.

Comment Re:Lousy ideas (Score 1) 1013

The fear is not that invaders will take your stuff. The fear is that they are there to kill/rape/imprison you and/or your family. (And yes, 'imprison' is a factor -- many gun owners expect their personal defense to protect them from the government.)

Whether it is a useful deterrent or not is in doubt. Most home invaders are either well-armed or on heavy drugs, or both.

Blame the existence of the second amendment for giving citizens that they have a chance, solo, against government forces. Also blame television for making people think that violent home invasions happen once a week.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

The 'lunatics' are angry young men. They pop up whenever there is economic injustice. That's why Egypt, Libya, Syria, and Greece are burning right now. When conditions are bad, the young men snap. It's a human trait; hell, it's a primate trait. You see the same incidents in chimpanzee tribes that don't treat their young males well, although of course chimps don't own guns.

There are three angles by which you can attack this problem:

Make society prosperous enough that no one becomes angry at it. That's unrealistic.
Monitor, jail, and either kill or treat all people with a hint of mental problems. In bad economic times, that will mean imprisoning a large fraction of your male population.
Eliminate guns. Determined lunatics will use bombs or knives, but it can be more difficult to kill people in mass that way, especially on a sudden impulse.

Comment Re:And yet... (Score 1) 2987

That's a decision our society needs to make, whether tragedies like this are acceptable losses for the freedom we gain by owning guns. So far we as a nation has said that yes, we are willing to live with a lot of senseless murder to keep our freedom. It may not be logical, and you and I might disagree with the majority, but it's their clear choice so far.

Being in a democracy means that every so often, the mob votes to throw you into a volcano. Freedom isn't free; sacrifices need to be made, and sometimes children's lives are the cost of that freedom.

Comment Re:Darwin awards (Score 1) 452

for those that do care ... no crocs ... just emus, kangaroos, snakes, etc ...

pretty damn difficult to die there except from exposure to the heat

The kangaroos will gut you, the snakes will kill you, and there isn't an inch of Australia that isn't covered with deadly spiders. It's pretty easy to die on the whole god forsaken continent, especially if you get lost. Shame that it's so beautiful.

As far as I know the emus are harmless.

Comment Re:There are basically two ways to make nano-fiber (Score 1) 82

Two points to note: We *are* running out of raw materials for synthetics, as they are made using crude oil. And the hagfish slime fabric would likely first replace similar natural fabrics such as silk.

With those points in mind, I think hagfish harvesting might just be economically viable. At least we've finally found a use for the disgusting things.

Comment Re:Yes, 'Strategic reasons'. Yes, it's stupid. (Score 1) 290

I believe that NCSoft's decision to retool to the Korean-only market came too late in the development cycle of GW2 to just cancel it. They're going to suck all they can out of that game then abandon it. I agree with you that Arenanet is in the same position as Paragon, and I sympathize with them.

The cash shop in GW2 allows purchase of gems, which translate to inventory space, bank space, character slots, and gold to buy anything you want in the in-game auction house. I don't know how you leveled so fast in GW2; I gave up at about level 30, when I realized that crafting was useless at my level, I didn't have the gold to buy the weapons I needed to survive solo, and my character would never again gain another interesting power. It's a grind that requires real-world money to have an efficient character. If that kind of gameplay was true to GW1 I'd understand it, but GW1 was extremely casual friendly. GW2 is a cash grab, and I fear that NCSoft was involved in making that way.

Comment Re:There's a reason SE hasn't shut down FFXI (Score 2) 290

Killing CoH means NCSoft can leave the North American market, 98% of their revenue is in Korea. So they can shut down their US offices, data centers, marketing, get rid of Korean personnel with N. America knowledge, Korean managers dealing with N. America and so on. Lot's of secondary costs that can be lowered or gotten rid of totally. Just saving the time and hassle (late hours, mis-communication, flight costs, etc.) of communicating with the North American offices may be worth it. So even if CoH was profitable in isolation, once you add in all those other North America costs that get saved it may very well be a loss. Either way NCSoft clearly didn't want to deal with the hassle.

That's it exactly. But it still doesn't explain why they didn't sell the game to a company that would keep it running. That decision can only be described as short-sighted and evil.

Either way, I wouldn't trust any game NCSoft is running in America. They might close them down at the drop of a digital hat. Gamers outside of Korea should stay far, far away from anything NCSoft tries to sell.

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