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Submission + - Man imprisoned for not giving police password (bbc.co.uk)

Huff writes: "A man in Liverpool, UK has been jailed for 4 months for refusing to give police his password for encrypted material on his computer. It is alleged that this has something to do with child exploitation. But it appears that police have nothing to go on hence only the sentence for the password offences."

Comment Re:High Quality (Score 1) 711

With regard to point 2!
Check the 17th Edition IEEE regulations!
Consumers units are now designed with nuisance tripping in mind. Either Fill the board with RCBO's (expensive but coming down in price) or 2 RCD's and the board split between them. Then if it trips then only half the house goes out and if designed properly you loose for instance the upstairs lighting circuit and the downstairs ring-main.


Submission + - Museum information policy (emus.co.uk)

Huff writes: "We are currently in the process of setting up a railway museum in the UK. We want to set up two sorts of information policy's, first is the actual information itself, anything we create (from school worksheets to technical drawings to historical research papers) How would you license them, under a limited 'read from this website only' type license to a public domain type thing.
Secondly what we do with that information, if we are to be open with it, what formats do we use. I personally use Ubuntu as my day to day machine but most of the members are the standard XP users and I would not dream of trying to convert them for something they see as simply a tool. So things like, pictures, diagrams, spreadsheet, documents. Web standards is something i think should be included in this.
What we really want is an idea of how to create an information policy that we would stick to, to maintain an educational openness.
Can anyone out there help?!"

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