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SCO Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy 421

Can you say "the SCO, the" in German? writes "Trading of SCO's stock has been halted on news that SCO has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. This move just so happens to fall on the eve of SCO's trial with Novell. One would think that their prior boasts were mostly bluster, that they believe they have almost no chance of prevailing at trial, and that they're now desperate to protect their executives from SCO's creditors while seeking yet another delay. From the release: 'The SCO Group intends to maintain all normal business operations throughout the bankruptcy proceedings. Subject to court approval, SCO and its subsidiaries will use the cash flow from their consolidated operations to meet their capital needs during the reorganization process. "We want to assure our customers and partners that they can continue to rely on SCO products, support and services for their business critical operations," said Darl McBride, President and CEO, The SCO Group. "Chapter 11 reorganization provides the Company with an opportunity to protect its assets during this time while focusing on building our future plans."'"

Submission + - Alternatives to Applecare ripoff?

Anonymous Coward writes: "In the high tech world, vendors often charge 10-20% per year for maintenance, which usually includes software updates. More importantly, it usually includes some level of SLA for repairs, typically somewhere between 24x7 to 3 day turnaround.

"Applecare" costs around 10-20% (for two years). It does not include software upgrades, but that is minor compared to their service record. A 1.5 year old machine has already been in the shop over 3 weeks between two different services and is not expected to be fixed any time soon. For this second repair it has been sitting for eight days and they have not even looked at it yet — and do not expect to anytime soon — "there's about 10 machines ahead of you". The Mac will soon have spent 5% of the time since purchase at "Applecare".

I run Linux for most things, but the Mac is used for Photoshop and the print drivers. It is needed to produce work for shows. So... are there service warranties for the mac from 3rd party providers that are worth anything?

Or is there any way of having Apple behave responsibly?"

Submission + - Seagate Founder Al Shugart Passes Away

xocp writes: Seagate Founder Al Shugart Passes Away

From the press release:
For those who had the rare and wonderful opportunity of knowing him, it's hard to imagine our world without Al Shugart in it to challenge the status quo, say things that were outrageously honest and achieve the remarkable.

He passed on December 12th, 2006.

Submission + - A medical open-source legal hell-hole

calcutta001 writes: To open-source or not to open-source was never in question as far as Steve Shreeve, founding CEO and largest shareholder of Medsphere Systems Corp., was concerned. So, this summer, Steve, self-proclaimed open-source software leader, and his twin-brother Scott, released the company's matured code on SourceForge under the GPL.

Their reward? They were then sued for $50 million by their company.

To be exact, they were hit by a $50 million, 12-count lawsuit charging them with misappropriation of trade secrets, breach of contract, breach of duty of loyalty, violations of the RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization) Act, commission of computer crimes, intentional interference with contract relations, unfair competition, and still more complaints by their company.

Follow the story here http://www.linux-watch.com/news/NS7891815881.html

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