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Comment It's free if you don't value your time (Score 0) 229

I despise articles like this.

Can you get hardware and software for free? Yes. You need to do a lot of hustling though to get the components, assemble the network and keep it running. Additional, electricity and internet access are never free. Someone has to maintain the network, install software and answer user questions.

You can't whip a linux network on a bunch of teachers and expected it to be useful. I can't even do that with IT professionals.

Comment This finding does not match my experience (Score 3, Informative) 491

Agile is not a product. It is a mindset. Each team needs to workout what that means for them. I have been in teams for two companies that used Agile methods heavily and it has worked out very well for business units (predictable deliveries), developers (predictable work hours) and customers (higher quality releases).

I am positive Agile is not a silver bullet for every project. Software engineering is still a hard problem to generalize.

Comment Easy answer: spend $100 on MDR7506 (Score 1) 448

I have been using these for over 10 years:

These have fantastic fidelity, are lightweight and all around groovy.

Every other headphone I've used under $100 has some level of fail (yes, I am looking at you apple
earbuds) that makes me feel like I have just burned money.

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