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Comment Re:Weird (Score 1) 92

Mosh pits also vary a lot based on musical style. For example the pit in front of a hardcore band is going to have more space between individuals, and more velocity per individual. Music in the hard rock genre is going to have pits that are more squished together but less violent. Lamb of God even has their special Wall of Death move that again changes the whole scenario.

Comment Re:I've had a great experience making mobile apps (Score 1) 257

I'm a mobile developer as well, and while I whole-heartedly agree that putting an indie up on the market is a great way to go, I think developing for BlackBerry is a terrible idea. I also started out doing BlackBerry many years ago, but if Poster is going to learn a framework, they can do a lot better than a platform that could easily go under in the near future. Windows Phone could be a good option for a one man team, due to the lack of competition on their store. Otherwise, Android is great if you intend to release a legitimately useful app. Or the IOS market can be good if you can bring some kind of novelty to the table, since it's users are notoriously easy to part from their money. The only reason some other suggestions on this board may be better than an indie app on a mobile marketplace, is that mobile apps can be kind of like lottery tickets. You might make a lot of money, but you probably won't.

Comment Re:photoshop USED to be obvious. (Score 2) 197

I see GIMP users as coders who want to do some web design on the side or fix something really quick to fit the website layout. Basically, web-related stuff. I wish GIMP would design the UI to cater to that demographic/ needs. Or maybe it already does, I'm just not the audience.

I've been using GIMP for a long time and I've always found it very intuitive and it does everything I need from an image manipulator. And I'm a coder who usually just needs to quickly fix something to fit into a layout (not a website layout, but close enough). So you may be on to something there.

Comment Re:Well... (Score 1) 592

You may not need to drop out of console gaming just yet. If the Microsoft really does cripple their next machine with DRM, there is no saying that Sony will do the same thing. It seems like an obvious choice for Sony, doesn't it? The age of the exclusive title is over, this coming generation will see competition between two systems that play almost exactly the same games. If one system is laden with DRM and one isn't, it will make our choice between the two systems very easy.

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