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Comment Re:Impressive! (Score 1) 174

nope, I've had various accounts over the years, but due to the franticness of life I no longer recall the passwords nor have access to the email accounts that they're linked to for password resets. I've been a reader since late '98. most comments in the last few years have been AC.

Comment Re:Separate the code and the data (Score 4, Insightful) 125

just because the software is flexible enough to do the job doesn't make it the right tool for that job. this system can indeed be built in house by those who don't have a full understanding of programming but do have a better insight in to the data that's being manipulated. it's going to be poorly documented and when it breaks or goes wrong very few people are going to be able to fix it for you. Do the job properly from the outset - hire a programmer and have custom software written to your spec. The false economy of using off the shelf products has led to many companies downfall.

Comment how we invented creation. (Score 1) 763

You see it in your day to day life, when something happens that has no explanation we as humans need one, so we often invent one. If someone took a strange action we quite often justify it in our own heads - sometimes with a very convoluted and most likely improbable reason. When our forbearers had no explanation of why the sun rises because they didn't have the tools (nor the prior learning required) to understand it. So they invent a billygoat kicking the sun around the sky creating day and night. Religion is a side-effect of having an imagination and our need to explain the world around us. Literature, art, poetry and music are the good things we get from imagination. Science, engineering and math are the benefits of our need to measure and explain the world around us. So while your holy text might contain morals (some of which are great, others, i struggle to fit the world "moral" around) the bit about creation come from cavemen/hunter-gatherers that had yet to workout how to work metal or polish optics to build the tools that would have given them evidence to the contrary.

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