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Comment Re:Stop trying to tell us what you think we want (Score 2) 299

About two months ago I was searching for something, and I remember being annoyed enough with the results that google was posting to go try searching on Bing *shudder*

The problem was, despite using quotes, google was not searching the exact term I had entered. It was two months ago so I don't remember the exact term, but the problem was of the nature where it was modifying the end of the word. In that case it was making a significant enough change that I wasn't remotely finding what I wanted, despite the quotes.


A few months ago, Google decided to ignore quotation marks. Ick. The tool you want is Verbatim Search, but to reach it you have to do a search, click on "More search tools", then click on "Verbatim".

Comment Re:Good (Score 1) 299

SEO is the business of circumventing the proper weighting of search results by "dodgy techniques", it always has been, and always will be.

Nope. SEO also includes designing a site so search engines can find the content (ie, don't hide it in Flash slideshow images), finding what people are searching for, and guiding the creation of content which is relevant to customers and search engines. The owner of the web site might not know that people are searching for "widgets that don't break", and adding a phrase to the description about the strength of the widget can give useful information to both the customer and the search engines.

There is good SEO, and there is evil SEO. Don't do evil SEO.

Comment Re:Sounds funky but (Score 1) 131

It's an X server, not a webserver. What it does is allow apps designed for X to run on your phone. It doesn't even need to touch the network.

X Windows consider the screen to be what is being "served", so an X server is on the device with the screen. It allows X apps to be run on local or remote machines. If someone has compiled an X app to run inside an Android phone, then you might be able to access it now.

Comment Re:That's why its called... (Score 1) 64


Awesome, it's a mix of cooperation and competition. Still not quite sure how that works though.

That's because you can only make it work with a Co-Grinder (no patents pending due to trade secrets). Please contact a representative to get a nondisclosure agreement processed so we can discuss the solutions to your co-needs.

Comment Re:Excuse me... not a programmer's fault. (Score 1) 276

I'm not a satellite engineer, but wouldn't it be easy enough to just install a lead shield around the PCB to protect from most radiation? As long as the shield's not too thick, it shouldn't add too much weight, especially compared to using older-technology chips that'll take up more board space.

To cosmic rays, a lead shield is just a bigger impact target and a source for more secondary particles. Unless your lead shield is larger than current spacecraft.

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