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Comment Engineering jobs will be shifted to Russia/Asia (Score 2) 286

I left AMD a couple years ago to pursue other interests before all this layoff crap was happening and the mood was pretty good. There was a new team that was started in Russia, but the teams were assured that "this doesn't effect the jobs in Canada, as these are NEW jobs and the team in Canada was growing as well!". Many people bought into this - I didn't. Went back for a visit a few months later, and found out that they had opened two new offices - in Europe and Asia I think. The mood was a bit grimmer - not due to the offices but just the market in general. All these Engineering jobs they are laying off now, when they "create" these jobs again in the future (if AMD improves) will NOT be in North America. They will for sure just expand the teams in Asia/Russia/Eastern Europe. Same level of expertise and capability for less cost. What's not to like? I am not saying that North American engineers are undeservingly expensive. Just that they NEED to make more money to survive in North America due to the high taxes and supporting the general society.

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