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Submission + -'s CTO Tells How Java, J2EE and JBoss Got Sexy

markfeffer writes: "’s CTO Steve Morgan says that there’s more to producing Internet porn than a camera, a whip and some combination of women and men. He’s got a tech staff of 26 people running two dozen sub-sites, clustered and load balanced on five JBoss application servers. He tells Elisabeth Greenbaum Kasson that they support 2,500 to 3,000 users an hour. The company pioneered the use of live adult webcasts which, Morgan says, are all about capacity and performance."

Submission + - New Hunt Begins Today for Online Pirates

markfeffer writes: "David Strom says that today AT&T, Time Warner and other broadband providers will start enforcing their “Six-Strikes” approach to stopping illegal downloads of movies, TV shows and other content. The Center for Copyright Information, an operation they’ve funded, will send suspected individuals multiple emails pointing out any illegal activity, getting them to acknowledge their misdeeds, and finally imposing increasing punishments like throttling connection speeds or blocking particular websites (though not outright disconnection or legal action). Strom writes that the next step will be to start using VPNs to block your real IP address when you want to download illegal content. It might be better if the movie studios learned from the peer music piracy debacle of the late 1990s, and made it easier for folks to find and download legal content. But that would require careful thought by people other than lawyers to build better systems, like Pirate Bay’s."

Submission + - Training Focuses on Getting Veterans into Tech Jobs (

markfeffer writes: "U.S. companies are backing an initiative — "Get Skills to Work” — that would create training programs for 100,000 veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq. The idea is to build on technical skills learned in the military and apply them to private sector jobs."

Submission + - Running Linux On Your Android Phone ( 1

markfeffer writes: "In a post about running Linux on Android, Rob Reilly says setting everything up is pretty straightforward once you know your way around. (He uses LinuxonAndroid and the Complete Linux Installer app.) You’ll need a rooted phone but even a first generation Samsung Galaxy S with Android firmware 2.2 will run Ubuntu 12.04 without problems. He says everything becomes fairly responsive and lets him flip back and forth between the command line and the Android desktop. Now he’s looking for easy ways to root his Transformer Prime so he can program Arduinos using the native Linux IDE."

Submission + - Layoffs Hit Hardware Companies the Hardest (

markfeffer writes: "The tech unemployment rate’s in pretty good shape – considering – but we’re still getting pummeled by layoffs. It’s people at hardware companies who are taking the brunt of things, just as they have for the last ten years. Of course, technology companies often lay off in one place while they hire in another, but that's not a lot of comfort to those getting the pink slips."

Submission + - Tech Workforce Slams Microsoft's H-1B Proposal (

markfeffer writes: "The other day, we posted this story: "Microsoft wants to increase the number of H-1B visas by 20,000, bringing the total up to about 105,000 a year, and to raise the cost to about $10,000 a head from $2,800. The new proposed visas would go solely to STEM workers. Under Microsoft’s plan, the higher fees would produce $5 billion to be invested in U.S. STEM education over the next 10 years.

The company is also urging Congress to take advantage of 20,000 unused green card visas each year, and reallocate them to workers with science and technology skills."

Businesses like the idea. Tech workers really, really hate it."


Submission + - Google Stock Down 10% (

An anonymous reader writes: Google Stock took a sudden hit of 10% due to an unintentional SEC filing. Is our economy going down further? Where do I hide my money now?

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