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Comment Velcro Ties (Score 1) 242

Look @ NewEgg for reusable velcro ties. Better than zip ties since you can re-run as necessary. Also look at Tie-D-Wires for affixing cable bundles to your desk. I like ones with adhesive backing so they don't destroy the surface. Or, go all out and get some plastic channels to run cables through.

Comment Increased network load (Score 1) 261

In addition to all of the comments about weather actually affecting the data centers that "the cloud" resides in, bad weather pushes most people inside. Instead of being out of their house doing something else, people will start browsing the Internet, increasing the network and server load in these data centers. Large enough storms might drive up traffic just enough to cause, at minimum, a small spike in loads, and at worst would force load distributors to do their work.

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