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Comment Re:Data Caps in Canada (Score 1) 261

Ah good to know, thanks for that :) I don't see myself ever going past 5GB anyway, Wind is attractive mostly because their package also provides more for less than what the big three charge. The "unlimited" data is just a bonus, as it will be nice to not have to worry so much about how much data I've used. I'd also like to support competition to the big three.

Comment Data Caps in Canada (Score 1) 261

My cap is 500MB in Canada, granted I'm not on 4G currently. Regardless, if you have such a low cap you probably aren't using your device for bandwidth intensive applications when on data, if I want to watch videos, etc. I wait until I'm on WiFi (and networks are available virtually everywhere, at least in Ottawa where I live). You can also reverse-tether your phone to a computer if there is no WiFi around. That being said, I do disagree with the idea of data caps, looking forward to switching from Bell to Wind when my contract is up (as they offer unlimited data).

Comment Re:Why is this even a issue ? (Score 1) 302

Please feel free to point out where I said we should only teach creationism and no other origin stories? I'm all for teaching them all, in the right course/context. It's too bad the audience here on Slashdot would rather jump to their own conclusions based on poor assumptions, attacking those who they don't agree with, rather than engaging in a reasonable discussion.

Comment Re:Why is this even a issue ? (Score 1) 302

All I advocate is that we teach evolution in a science context and creationism in a spiritual/religious context. I don't see why that's an issue for so many people. No one is forcing you to believe what creationism teaches, nor is anyone forcing you to take the courses that teach it. It should be available as an option for those that do want to learn about it. The science side trying to silence the religion side is just as bad as the religion side trying to silence the science side.

Comment Re:Why is this even a issue ? (Score 1) 302

What you and several other people here fail to grasp is that I never said to teach it in science class. There are other classes far more suitable. If we teach evolution in science, creationism/other origin stories in the suitable class and people can decide to believe in the science or believe in mythology, that's there choice and has no bearing on what you or I do.

Comment Re:Why is this even a issue ? (Score 0, Offtopic) 302

Or we could, you know, present both possibilities and let people decide from themselves instead of trying to force one theory or the other down someone's throat. I'd imagine, when presented with the facts, most people would look to science for the answer in this debate, but I don't see the need to force one argument or the other.

Submission + - Apple Complains Samsung's Wireless Patents Limit Competition ( 3

mat.power writes: After all the various court battles launched by Apple over protecting their own patents, including silly design patents like rounded corners, Apple complains about Samsung's own patents which leads to an anti-trust investigation by the Korean Fair Trade Commission.

From the article: "We are reviewing whether allegations in the complaint lodged by Apple are true," said a Fair Trade Commission official, who declined to be named because they weren't authorized to speak to the press. "Apple filed a complaint earlier this year that Samsung is breaching fair trade laws," the official said.

Comment Re:5 minutes now (Score 1) 353

I used to do at minimum 2 hours each way driving across Toronto. Two hours was when conditions were perfect and there was only one or two accidents to slow it down. Anything worse and it easily jumped to 2.5-3 hours. In medium-heavy snowfall 4 hours+ was common. I took a job in Ottawa and now it takes me 5 minutes as well. It's an incredible difference. Well most mornings at least, today traffic was particularly awful because of this: Next job I'm hoping to live within walking distance! We'll see though.

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