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Comment I think this can explain a lot. (Score 1) 465

Imagine a world with walls and divide by zero situations. The speed of light, black holes, singularity, the big bang, absolute zero, quantum levels, differences between quarks and quasars. Tons of stuff.

It is quite possible, that the laws of the universe are different on one side of the wall than the other. And better, you can't predict the behavior on one side, based on what you know about the laws on the other side, always.

This precludes a universal answer for all our understandings of the universe, because of the difference in laws and behaviors on one side of the wall and the other.

This means finding the walls (situations), and then discovering the rules for each area.

Comment Superfast worm... (Score 1) 448

Just before it all went haywire, a bunch of my friends started getting videos pasted to their wall "What are you doing?". I am guessing that spawned ever more pastings until it went bonkers.

The videos all pointed to but I don't remember and didn't capture the url.

Shortly thereafter the videos were gone, and the postings were gone, so I suspect that they are getting both a handle on the outage, and then shut stuff down while they fix the code.

Comment This doesn't crack blu-ray... (Score 1) 1066

It allows you to create a device that connects the outgoing HDMI port on your Blu-ray player or computer that is going to your TV.

This doesn't allow anybody to copy a blu-ray disk at all. It allows you to make an HDMI device without a license.

A device to copy a stream is likely not to be cheap, the resultant output stream TONS bigger than the original Blu-ray, and will have to be re-ripped into somekind of hi def format and stored. All of this to take HOURS and some sophistication to pull off.

This isn't "unlocked" blu-ray like DeCss does to DVD's.

It is very unlikely that any device created will make it to market without being sued out of existence. It is very unlikely that you will get better results than the 144 dollar HDMI/VGA dongle would allow you to create.

It is interesting as a hack. As a practical thing, this isn't de-CSS. Not even close.

Comment Wouldn't the moon make WAY more sense. (Score 2, Interesting) 444

Ok, the real deal here is manufacturing facilities, not mining per se. There are TONS of asteroids all over the moon, that could be used for early mining to support manufacturing on the moon.

And really the best way to "mine" the asteroid belt as one said in reference to hauling stuff, would be fishing for stones, and then hauling them back to the moon. Thrown down where it would be safe enough, but far enough from the manufacturing facility, and then hauled mined and manufactured back there.

THis would of course be multiphase and requires just tons of energy. Nuclear batteries are not likely to create enough energy, and other forms of nuclear energy require ALOT of water. So we have a basic problem in creating MINING and MANUFACTURING levels of energy. Energy to create steel for instance. Without water or internal combustion engines, it becomes tough to make that amount of energy.

Comment Re:I don't think this will make a difference (Score 1) 272

And you represent 99% of the experience? That is pretty bold of you to think that. There are tons of things that people do, and I know a bunch of people that will juggle the range of cars and features and price that they want with the current ratings. The newer ratings provide even more information like comparison to class.

It may or may not make a difference in their decision, but to say that it won't is naive. Just like believing everyone is like you.

Comment Ok, all of the negative stuff is... (Score 1) 272

It won't make any difference. Then why the complaint?

I suspect it will indeed make a difference. People will get a story going forward. There is already experience in the marketplace that labels like this work. Energy Star being the biggest example.

The fact is, that the labels do provide a wide variety of information. This along with features, price and lust will make a difference (If we were all about features and price we would all be driving Kia Amanti's but very very few people do).

There are a universe of new cars out there, and the car industry cannot be trusted to provide much objective information that can be compared to other cars. Information that may or may not be useful to all customers, but for some and I would propose a significant number of customers, they will look and understand the information. If presented in a way that makes sense.

I think the comparisons between all cars, like cars, and cars in its class pretty much provide the information that is most likely to be valuable.

If you don't think it will work, who cares? If you think it will cause harm, by all means speak up.

But I really do not think that you should limit the information about cars to that just limited by the manufacturer or the car dealer. To do so, actually does provide harm to the customers. And to expect them to all go to some third party doesn't make sense either. Only a small amount of consumers do that. That is why were are not all driving Ford Taurus's.

Comment Re:This would be a correct ruling... (Score 1) 315

I think that you will find that not true in many many fields. Because the experts or authorities see the garbage that is written there and correct it. I have no idea why you would bother to complain about your area here, when you could spend the very moderate amount of time to correct, enhance, or replace the article in your field.

Comment This would be a correct ruling... (Score 4, Insightful) 315

While the Wikipedia site is *likely* to be true. Likely to have been written by an expert and an authority on the subject. There is absolutely no guarantee of it's verity or authority.

For legal argument, the site would be an excellent place to start. It is easy to search, and the articles are written in quick scannable ways which would make research fast and quick. BUT, that research should *LEAD* to legally sound authority and more complete argument on any topic.

It would be horrible, horrible for the law to place Wikipedia on the pedestal of authority, and it would be bad for the public which wikipedia only exists because of its structure.

Comment As the kid's say... (Score -1, Offtopic) 408

This is really gross. Seriously. All the marijuana smoking pseudo physics guys on /. are going. "Woah".

This is a really big macro affect, that hadn't been discovered yet, and it effects out understanding of Radioactive decay and Neutrino (flux) action.

This is the kinda stuff that turns people into superheroes, and shit.

This simply doesn't happen every day.

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