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Comment Re:Ahh, the razors edge... (Score -1, Redundant) 145

We get it. You're a perfect person for understanding English completely, the rest of us are "idiots". Feel superior enough now? That was the the point of your post, wasn't it? To be able to act like a superior bully? We all bow to your superior a**-hole-ishness!

Secure that noise, would'ja please?

Comment Re:GW solution (Score 1) 264

Niven's way ahead of you. It's a simple matter of knocking Uranus into a cometary orbit and using its gravity to move Earth further out.

I'm reading Larry Niven's "A World Out Of Time" now (after another slashdotter recomended it), and I'm almost where this is going to be explained. Good read so far, page 72 and it's already 3 million years into the future!

Comment Re:Colorblindness? (Score 3, Interesting) 97

Mod+1 UP! 'Dankam' has been a godsend for many people with imperfect color vision.

I knew a guy who tested with a great aptitude for electronics, but near the end of the course realized he couldn't differentiate between the different color coded wires, instead he got work in home improvement field. This app maybe would've allowed him to pursue that electronics career.

Comment Re:Racism is a cause, (Score 1) 474

The problem is that it re-enforces the stereotype and actually does cause certain behaviour. If you constantly tell one group they are a bunch of criminals and just assume they are probably up to no good then you shouldn't be surprised when it turns out they are.

The point of treating everyone equally is to make it clear that regardless of race or gender or sexual orientation or whatever you have the same chance, the same opportunity to make something of yourself. Of course in reality not everyone has access to good schools or good jobs, but if you keep re-enforcing that imagine it strengthens it. We still need to push to level the playing field, despite all the progress that has been made.


I learned a long time ago not to pre-judge another human being by their skin color, accent, heritage or whatever, doing that will keep you from knowing some truly wonderful people. When I meet someone I concentrate on their eyes, a person's eyes tell a lot about them at first meeting. Then talk to them. Pre-conceived notions often evaporate then, if you are open minded. Racists purposely keep themselves willfully ignorant in order to feel 'superior' to others, and they paint an entire people with the same brush. A sad, limited way to live, in my opinion.

Comment Re:Racism is a cause, (Score 1) 474

Why would you need a citation for that? Any immigrant group suffered from racism in those "old days". The Irish served nobly in American Wars, and were still treated as a lower caste people. Same for other nationalities too, but you need a citation for what's common historical knowledge? Google "Irish immigrants in America" and you'll get links to pages like this... http://www.kinsella.org/history/histira.htm

Submission + - Wireless Carriers Put on Notice About Providing Regular Android Security Updates (threatpost.com)

msm1267 writes: Activist Chris Soghoian, whom in the past has targeted zero-day brokers with his work, has turned his attention toward wireless carriers and their reluctance to provide regular device updates to Android mobile devices.The lack of updates leaves millions of Android users sometimes upwards of two revs behind in not only feature updates, but patches for security vulnerabilities.

Comment Re:Reburial Where? (Score 1) 212

"Currently, plans are underway for a reburial ceremony for the remains."

Well yeah, but where? Back under the parking lot where he's been resting comfortably for centuries? Another outlying low-key area where he'll be lost again until the 28th century?

That's right British people, make sure this murderer of the true heir to the English throne gets a royal burial with all the pomp and ceremony due him. In other words, dump his body in the nearest sewer.


Submission + - Windows apps coming to Android courtesy of Wine (zdnet.com)

SternisheFan writes: ZDNet's Nick Heath writes:

"Software that allows Windows apps to run on Android devices was demoed at the Fosdem 2013 open source conference this weekend.

A version of the Wine compatibility layer that allows Windows software to run on Unix-like operating systems — such as Linux, Mac OSX and BSD — was shown running on Android at the conference in Brussels.

The demo by Alexandre Julliard, one of the original developers of Wine, showed Wine running on an emulated Android environment.

Phoronix reports the performance of Wine on Android to be "horrendously slow" but says these problems were attributed to it running on an emulated environment rather than a native Android OS.

Wine is designed to allow Windows apps to be run on a Unix-like OS direct from the desktop or terminal. The makers claim it bypasses many performance and memory penalties of other methods for simulating computing environments, such as running virtual machines, by translating Windows API calls into POSIX calls on the fly.

The Android OS predominantly runs on ARM-based devices today, and a separate demo at the Fosdem conference showed Wine running on ARM-based hardware.

There was no news on when support for ARM-based devices or Android will be added to a publicly available Wine release.

Comment Re:finally (Score 1) 263

That or it was an shitty product. I'm starting to remember the DAT/Minidisk wars.. ..Debates. Funny thing, i never bought any of the two systems, instead i went right ahead to mp3's.

-Ahh, that day i decided to rip my cd-collection and store the music on my computer, those where the days.

Yep, same here, never looked back after mp3s. I've even spent the last 6 months borrowing my local library's CDs and ripping them to Mp3. All that music is backed up to micro Sdcards and 64gb flashdrives, and now I have all the music I'd lost from the days of older formats, and far more. Finally it's a great time to be a music lover!

Comment Lies! (Score 5, Funny) 89

Just more lies from the decadent western press. Iran's space program is so far advanced that we had a super-secret dermatoligist waiting for this monkey in orbit, where his mole was removed. To believe otherwise goes against our religion, and dis-believers shall be beheaded! - Signed, The current Ayatollah of Iran

Comment Re:When cultural icons like Lance Armstrong .... (Score 1) 264

Yeah, Lance Armstrong used artificial stimulants to enhance performance. Armstrong shouldn't be punished for it, he should be rewarded, his face should be put on the 100 USD bill. The entire US economy is based on the same exact principle.

Here is that point made in a form that an average American can understand.

These Harward kids are doing exactly the thing that their government and the entire leadership is doing, so why all this fake outrage?


There are, believe it or not, good and honorable people in this life, they just don't make headlines like the others.

The reason you shouldn't cheat in life is this: You need to face that person in your mirror every morning, and like and respect that person. And if you can't respect that person you'd best change up your act.

Comment Re:Most Students Don't Cheat (Score 1) 264

You know what bugs me, in the U.S. there are all these cheating types who apologize AFTER they get caught, then go on talk shows to try to explain themselves away. Lance Armstrong saw the walls closing in from the Dept. of Justice, THEN he 'fesses up, to try to get to keep as much ill-gotten money as possible.

Sports Illustrated magazine pointed out that Armstrong waited until the five-year statute of limitations (on federal perjury charges) ran out before be confessed to Oprah: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/more/news/20130118/lance-armstrong-legal-implications/

And he let Oprah interview him for damage control, since a lot of orginizations will be suing him for the money he sued them for when they said he was taking enhancing drugs. He even shed a tear on Oprah, crying for the money he might lose, not for the reason he said, his son's belief in him. He's a pathological liar who got caught in his web of lies, and he's probably convinced himself he can still get out of any future problems by lying. A sad example of greed and lust for fame, and nothing he says should ever be believed. I've known his type in my own life, con artists who think their sh*t doesn't stink,. Eventually people catch on to their game, and honorable people will have nothing to do with them, because once trust is blown, it's usually blown for good.

Comment Re:Most Students Don't Cheat (Score 1) 264

You know what bugs me, in the U.S. there are all these cheating types who apologize AFTER they get caught, then go on talk shows to try to explain themselves away. Lance Armstrong saw the walls closing in from the Dept. of Justice, THEN he 'fesses up, to try to get to keep as much ill-gotten money as possible. CEO's get caught, usually get little or no jail time, and pay back 'some' of the total amount stolen, and can be free to live out their lives afterward in comfort. And our culture is okay with this, thereby condoning it. When there are real real-life penalties for all forms of cheating in life, only then can we truly be as moral as we tell people we are.

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