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Comment Re:how are the terms able to stay secret? (Score 2, Informative) 103

So that seems to imply that "a search engine provider" paid them around $87 million in 2009, and $102 million in 2010. Of course, the current deal may be substantially higher or lower, but that's probably a ballpark figure.

It's not a fixed amount, it's revenue share from ad clicks. When Firefox user clicks any Google ads, Firefox also gains revenue. It's the same with Opera and other browsers. The only thing they need to negotiate is how high that percent is. Since Firefox market share has gone down, the amount Google pays them has as well.

Comment This will get lecture book publishers crying (Score 4, Insightful) 96

People are always ranting about RIAA/MPAA while what they should really be worrying about is lecture book publishers. Music and movies are just entertainment, but these book publishers are preventing education and others from learning.

Book publishers are going to be crying about online learning and courses if they can't get their books required for them. They are already doing all kinds of shady monopoly deals and trying to hinder reselling of books by updating their course material almost every year, resulting in incompatible books for classes. I'm sure that if they cannot get their books forced in other ways, they're going to be doing some suing or forcing schools to shut down these online learning courses.

I'm not sure why people cry so much about RIAA and MPAA when there is such an assholish industry preventing people from learning. That has real results on whole advancement of humankind.

Comment Re:Firefox - Too little, too late (Score 0) 330

How is it idiotic to say that most people use web for socializing? Because RockMelt is browser made exactly for that. It already has like 2 million users and $40 million from investors, so yes it's a real thing used by many people. It's good to provide alternative views because most of the people get stuck in their own minds.

And just because I work in advertising doesn't mean my job involves advertising on slashdot. There are many geeks that do, but obviously they're bit hesitant to say so because on slashdot it's like admitting that you work for the devil (this probably counts for those slashdotters who work for MS too).

Comment Firefox - Too little, too late (Score -1, Flamebait) 330

Mozilla really screwed up both their long-time users and new users. There really haven't been good improvements in a long time. Most of their time has went to making it more Chrome like, and playing with version numbers.

I've seen many old Firefox users change their engine, on top of those that have been using IE. They aren't using Firefox, they're using Chrome or RockMelt now. Especially RockMelt is an interesting browser - it completely abandons geeky stuff like NoScript or Adblock but instead caters to casual, normal people and how they use the internet. RockMelt has online Facebook friends directly on the site, along with recent news and updates from all social networks. It lets you easily add social bookmarks to sites like Reddit and Digg, along with sharing to Facebook and Twitter. Most people have been saying how wonderful it is compared to Firefox. It's an browser that actual people want.

Comment What about Google driverless car? (Score 1, Insightful) 603

The worst part is that Google wants to build a driverless car. Flight pilots have been trained to react to emergencies in a calm manner and they have time to do so while in air. Neither is true for cars. People will panic when something goes wrong, and there won't be any time to react to them. Your life (and others life) will be completely dependent on the AI, and lets face it, there will be bugs.. Google isn't exactly known for bug free products. Hell, even NASA has bugs and they use billions so that there wouldn't be any. I just think it's a really bad idea and Google is being irresponsible and malicious with such project. Of course they will also hide some "we are not responsible for accidents in any way" under some clause. Let me just say that somewhere in the future we will be hearing how Google killed some innocent people and children.

Comment Re:That'll be a hit with Anon (Score 1, Informative) 254

DDOSing can be easily separated from actual attacks do nothing to "evaluate responses and defenses". It's only a nuisance and does nothing else than overload the systems or bandwidth. It does absolutely nothing to hide traces or provide information about security vulnerabilities.

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