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Comment Re:He just doesn't get it. (Score 1) 236

I find unity a highly productive DE. Workspaces work fine, I have the dock/unity bar/whatever only show up when I forget what workspace I put something on. It's not quite as customized as my Gnome2 set-up was, but it was easier to set up and works equally as well. Anecdotal evidence for the win and all, but I'm pretty happy with Unity from a productivity stand-point. I didn't much care for the versions pre-12.04, but by and large Unity stays out of my way, which is what I want from a DE.

Submission + - Artificial self-healing skin can sense touch (

thomst writes: Science Magazines's Tim Wogan reports that chemical engineer Zhenan Bao of Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, and her team have increased the conductivity of a self-healing polymer by incorporating nickel atoms. The polymer they have produced is sensitive to applied forces like pressure and torsion (twisting) because such forces alter the distance between the nickel atoms, changing the electrical resistance of the polymer. Their work is published online in the November 1 issue of Nature Nanotechnology (abstract here, full article paywalled). Now Bao and her team are working on making the polymer more flexible.

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