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Comment The WBC is a law firm, you idiots. (Score 1) 1061

The WBC is a law firm that exploits the Civil Rights Attorney's Fees Award Act of 1976. They engage in acts that provoke people to sue them. When they win the case on First Amendment grounds, they then collect a jacked up fee for their legal services from the opponent. This is why they never do anything outrageous in their home state. They need to be in federal court for the 1976 Act to apply.

What Anonymous did is exactly what the WBC wants. They want publicity and notoriety so that they increase the number of parties that will sue them or in someway violate their civil "rights".

Comment Re:Not the whole story... (Score 1) 342

$128k at Google really means at least $200k. Base salary is not the whole story. Once you include bonuses, Stock awards, and all the free food and other amenities (ISP costs, gyms, transportation), you can expect to make about double your base salary. A lot of compensation is based on performance. And if you have to work more than 40-50 hours a week, it will hurt your performance score, because it means you have to work extra hard to do a normal amount of work. Unless, of course, your project is in some sort of crunch mode.

Comment Re:Did the jurors talk to Bill Buxton? (Score 1) 503

That is one of their related patents, but not the on on trial. The '915 one they used at the trial was something like:
1) If there is only one finger, then scroll screen.
2) The there are two fingers, then zoom.

Though is isn't really about pinch/zoom, it seems impossible to work around. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Comment Re:XKCD? (Score 1) 218

Did they stop the quest for people with PHD's or abnormally high grades? I hadn't heard that.

They don't care about your grades, unless you are fresh out of college and have nothing on your resume, and no special projects.

They don't care about what degree you have, unless you did something special in the process of getting your degree.

Maybe it was different in the old days, but there are plenty of old timers at Google with no special degrees. Some don't even have undergraduate degrees. I myself had a 2.2 GPA. They never even asked for it.

I think the degree/GPA thing was just an excuse people used when they didn't get an offer.

Comment Re:Wow! That's almost hilarious! (Score 1) 218

It's been a while since Google hired on merit rather than "fit".

With 2,000,000 resumes coming in a year, they hire on merit as well as fit. In fact, the people who interview you really don't care what's on your resume. It's all based on what happens in the interview room. And yes, that involves communication skills and cultural fit, but no one ever got hired on those things alone.

Comment Re:The reality... (Score 1) 218

I thought that the limit of (S/N) as N approaches 0 goes to infinity, but N/0 itself is undefined (Infinity is not in the set itself. It is a cardinality.). At least, that's what I remember from my graduate class in Rings, Groups, and Modules. But that was a long time ago.

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