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Comment Re:SOL (Score 2) 545

But "we" did become a contributor, according to his story the code ended up being GPL/MIT. In any case, whether it's "we should" or "we did", it's still "we" - which in both cases imply the employer ("we") had an ownership interest in the code. As for "day and night", it's you my friend who are stretching too far. "Working day and night" is a very common English idiom that means without stopping - 100% effort - either literally or hyperbolically - see e.g. -this is even a recommended phrase in resume writing courses, because it shows commitment to working hard, and putting 100% effort into it. If he was putting 100% into his employment, when did he write the framework independently? In any case, I've asked him to clarify some of these less clear details on his blog, so we'll see what he says - that is if he doesn't moderate out my comment.

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"we became a contributor".... So if "we" is not the company, who is it?...... His claim in that paragraph is that the company contributed to open source, which is an admission of the company's ownership interest. Yes he says he worked day and night for the company - which doesn't leave much time for out of hours projects. But in any case, he says "During the last 2 years of that time, I created....." - so "during that time" is a reference to the latter part of his period of employment, when he was supposedly working day and night for the company. You have to ignore "during that time" or twist it pretty hard, to not see him saying he was doing the work during the course of employment, especially when he's already said he was working pretty much all of his time for the company

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He says "we" contributed to open source in the article. If "we" is not him and the company, who is it? It's a pretty clear admission of the company's ownership interest. He also says he worked day and night on the project for 2 years (out of 5 years with the company) - if working on the project day and night for 2 years on the project, what OTHER time was he working for the company? All he says is in the comments, is he wasn't employed under form W2.... but he seems to have implicitly admitted the company has an ownership interest, and the software was made during the course of his employment as part of his job function. MobyDobie

Comment Re:They own the copyright (Score 1) 545

I read the article

But he is contradicting himself.

In the comments, he says he the project by himself at home.... and even then says he did it with the company's support - indicating some level of company involvement.

In the article, the guy refers to releasing back code, make a contribution, - was done by "we" - i.e. him and the company. THAT IS AN ADMISSION of the their ownership interest.

It's pretty clear the company would believe they had some involvement, and probably ownership of the code. And he believes it too -- And even when later the guy tries to remove the company's involvement from development, he does equivocally and in contradiction of his own earlier statements,

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