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Comment The nuclear option (Score 4, Interesting) 307

I have a feeling this is a nuclear option.

If this is implemented, then pro-copyright extremists will argue that running or using a proxy is prima facae evidence of criminality and then lobby hard to make it illegal. Result? Anybody with a legitimate (or illegal but ethically necessary) reason to use a proxy will lose out.

The OPs' hope that the pro-copyright extremists won't fight back hard, with legislation to ban proxies, or force China-style "real ID" laws on Internet users, is naive at best, and ultimately, dangerous.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 2) 425

The US has many allies, including most of the West, Japan, and many other countries. Iran has (ummmm...) Venezuela (actually, Hugo Chavez and his friends), and North Korea. I think it would take a LOT to have the Muslim world fall in behind a handful of crazed Twelver shi'ites who hate their guts, against the mighty United States.

I doubt anybody would be willing to militarily have a go at the US and Israel for glassing Iran. Israel flattened half the Middle East with one hand tied behind it's back several times since 1948. What makes people think that they can't do it again, especially when the United States comes to their aid, and ESPECIALLY when the gloves comes off. And then they do, the world will truly understanding the meaning of crushing military defeat.

My money is on the States. Iran is its own worst enemy.

Comment Unanswered question (Score 1) 223

The economics (or lack thereof) of putting stuff into orbit are well known.

What about the cost of bringing large amounts of cheap, heavy material back DOWN the gravity well?

I have a feeling that it won't be economical enough to do for something like thousands (or millions) of tons of pig iron.

Comment Re:Funny (Score 2) 425

That stops working the millisecond a mushroom cloud appears over Iran.

North Korea has a powerful friend (China). Iran burnt all their bridges, and thus has very few friends at all.

Having powerful backers is more important than possessing a weapon too powerful to use.

Comment Funny (Score 1) 425

That a culture that can manage to put a satellite into space, thinks that

1) if they put a rocket in space, then everyone will start liking and respecting them; and
2) that if nobody likes or respects them, it's not their fault, but everyone else's.

Look at us! We're not a backwards Third World basketcase! Honest! Really!! Can we be friends now? :-p

Comment Bad stewardship of Java (Score 4, Insightful) 223

Oracle need to be called out on what appears to be an open-and-shut case of negligence.

Only a complete idiot would take on Java and it's 600 million users without making some kind of plan for supporting it. Their approach so far has been unbelievably reckless.

I certainly hope they don't take that attitude to Oracle Database, which is very expensive indeed, and running inside companies with lots of well paid lawyers.

Comment Re:Yet another firecracker (Score 1) 82

It's a scientific instrument, not a power station. The instrument (JET, amongst others), has done its job, and they're now building the proof-of-concept power station (ITER). Nonetheless, if you know anything at all about magnetic fusion and JET, you'll realize that what it's done (16MW for 1 second -- and more importantly -- 4MW for 4 seconds) are actually massive achievements, especially for 30-year-old hardware.

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