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Comment Re:Notes from part time developer (Score 1) 345

IMO, the android app market is huge, and there are apps that make revenue via ads. No better IDE ? - That's personal. I've found eclipse to be more lightweight than VS, but YMMV. Currently, windows phones are not that commonplace for an average developer to make money, and as a average phone user, I'd prefer android/ios anytime over wp due to app availability - so its a chicken and hen problem.

Submission + - Windows 8 Catastrophe Pushed Valve To Linux (muktware.com)

sfcrazy writes: Gabe Newell, Valve co-founder and Managing Director, doesn't hold very high opinion of Microsoft's Windows 8. He calls it "a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space" during a videogame conference Casual Connect in Seattle. Linux distribution Ubuntu's popularity and young user base may actually help these companies in finding the right audience they are looking for. Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is also working on enhancing the user experience by introducing technologies like HUD and Web Apps.

Comment Its only for profits (Score 1) 1

How come something be catastrophic when it hasn't been sold yet ? The reason behind this move is to make money, not turn gamers into linux addicts. This is because graphic drivers have evolved in Linux and other players are jumping in to sell their software via app stores. This move is unlike id softwares' decision to open up their old games for free.

Submission + - Why Valve Wants to Port 2500 Games on Linux? Because Windows 8 is a Catastrophe 1

An anonymous reader writes: Gabe Newell wants to support Linux because he think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in PC space. He wants to move away from a closed ecosystem of Microsoft Windows 8. He recently made a rare appearance at Casual Connect, an annual videogame conference in Seattle. From the allthingsd: The big problem that is holding back Linux is games. People don't realize how critical games are in driving consumer purchasing behavior. We want to make it as easy as possible for the 2,500 games on Steam to run on Linux as well. It's a hedging strategy. I think Windows 8 is a catastrophe for everyone in the PC space. I think we’ll lose some of the top-tier PC/OEMs, who will exit the market. I think margins will be destroyed for a bunch of people. If that's true, then it will be good to have alternatives to hedge against that eventuality. Some Linux users thinks that this is a win-win situation for Linux users as it will brings good game titles on the Linux system that haven't been there and it will protect steam business model from both Apple and Microsoft.

Submission + - SPAM: Buy Caterpillar: It's Still Cheap

ellenademon writes: "Caterpillar (CAT), the world's largest producer of construction and mining equipment, announced all time record quarterly earnings before the start of trading today. EPS of $2.54 beat analyst estimates by 11%. Also, the quarterly sales figure of $17.37 billion is 2% higher than sell side expectations. This earnings release has marked nine straight quarters of steady growth for the company."
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Submission + - Bike With No Chain or Pedals Uses Gravity (gizmocrazed.com)

Diggester writes: Innovation in the bike is long overdue and apparently Jeff Tiedeken agrees because his Gravity Bike is definitely something out of the ordinary.

The biggest thing about Jeff's new bike is that there are no pedals, chain, or gears! It uses gravity to go, hence the name, and definitely has one of the sleekest designs around. The frame has a hump in the middle of the bike rather than the straight bar you would commonly see, and the handlebars and seat are inset into the frame rather than protruding above it; this shape allows the rider to comfortably hunker down while coasting at the high speeds reached by the amazing invention.


Submission + - Ex-Sun Employees Are Taking Java To iOS (codenameone.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Ex-Sun employees did what Sun/Oracle failed to do since the iPhone launched. They brought Java to iOS and other mobile devices. They are getting major coverage from Forbes, DDJ, hacker news and others. They are taking a unique approach of combining a Swing like API, with open source and SaaS based solution.

Submission + - 23 Awesome less known Linux/Unix command chaining examples (linuxnix.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Command chaining is a concept to execute two or more commands in one shot to increase ..

Reduce system resource usage(In some cases )
Short and sweet codes .
In this post we will see how to use different command chaining operators available for us in an easy way.

Command chaining operators
& –Forking operator(run in background parallelly )
; –Run multiple commands in one run, sequentially.
\ –To combine a big command for multiple lines
&& –Logical AND operator
|| –Logical OR operator
! -NOT operator(I did not find much info on this.0)
| — PIPE operator
{} –Command combination operator.
() –Precedence operator

& – Forking operator(AND operator): This operator is used to send a process/script/command to run background so that we can execute other commands in foreground to increase effective utilization of system resources and to speed up the script execution. This is also called as Child process creation or forking in other programming languages.

Example1: Run commands in background

$ping -c1 google.com &


Submission + - Optimizing your android devices (incgadget.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Android phone is a smart phone, and many android users who use this smartphone for various purposes. starting from, enhance the appearance, install many applications, and use the smartphone to internet standby. but, with doing all of them reduce the performance of your android devices. a performance that would seem so reduced is the battery. because android is equipped with limitted battery. So how to optimize my android, so that I can do all that??

Submission + - City Council Ordered To Stop CCTV In Taxi Cabs (techweekeurope.co.uk)

judgecorp writes: "Southampton Council in the UK has been ordered to stop snooping on every taxi cab in the city. Privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner's Office has said it is "disproportionate" to demand that every Southampton taxi has CCTV that constantly monitors driver and passengers, including recording all conversations."

Comment Re:You're talking to the wrong crowd (Score 1, Insightful) 322

How come wikileaks is anti-US ? All it did was to leak the documents provided by its collaborators. If people in other countries also leak information, it would be available on a public use. The US dossier was very big and it came after the chilling video of civilians being killed, so it generated such a bang.
The Military

Submission + - Future Drones Will Autonomously Navigate the Skies Without GPS (gizmodo.com)

Diggester writes: "Military drones rely heavily on GPS for navigation guidance while in the air. But in areas where a signal can't be found, or where someone is using a GPS jammer, a drone will find itself in a troublesome predicament. Military sub-contractor BAE Systems has come up with a solution to that problem: A positioning system called NAVSOP that uses any wireless signal to find its location."

Submission + - Best platform for iphone app development (getyourcontent.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Now a days Iphone is touching new altitude, most of the people are looking to get benifit of Iphone with great features such as multi touch screen that can be easily operated by finger, various inbuilt applications such as Iphones mail box by which we can read mail even in off line mode and many more. Iphone is an Internet-enabled smartphone which is developed by Apple company, iPhone applications combine an iPod, a tablet PC, a digital camera and a cellular phone.

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