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Comment Three Laws of Software Development (Score 1) 590

Some years ago I had these three laws of software development:

  • A developer must write code that creates value.
  • A developer must make their code easy to maintain, except where such expenditure will conflict with the first law.
  • A developer must reduce their code to the smallest size possible, as long as such reduction does not conflict with the first two laws.

I still believe that these rules are the essence of good code.

Comment ba duan jin, few carbohydrates (Score 1) 865

Perform some Ba duan jin's. You can do them at work, throughout the day. You do not need much space, It does not build muscles, but it will relax your muscles so that blood circulation is improved, and if you do them regularly it will do wonders for your health.

Also, change your eating habits. Replace anything that contains carbohydrates with fat & proteins, and you will shed body fat very quickly. Read the excellent book Life Without Bread, written by a guy who is now 96. Ive replaced all sugary snacks I normally ate throughout the day with almonds, peanuts (unsalted!), and 90% chocolate. Especially unsalted almonds are the perfect finger food. They are highly addictive AND healthy, and although they contain lots of fat you will loose weight eating them.

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