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Real-Life Frogger Ends In Hospital Visit 314

BigSes writes "A 23-year old man has been hospitalized after police in South Carolina say he was hit by an SUV while playing a real-life version of the video game Frogger. Authorities said the 23-year-old man was taken to a hospital in Anderson after he was struck Monday evening. Before he was hit, police say the man had been discussing the game with his friends. Chief Jimmy Dixon says the man yelled 'go' and darted into oncoming traffic in the four-lane highway. Has it come time to ban some of the classics before someone else goes out and breaks a few bricks with their heads after eating a large mushroom?"

Comment Re:Developers (Score 1) 450

My development team came to a VMWare solution from the opposite direction. We do software customization for multiple customers who are using different and incompatible sets of middleware. Our development machines were struggling to handle the multiple databases, app servers, and IDEs as our customer base grew. Now we have a VMWare cluster with massive processing, memory, and storage where we can carve out many virtual machines for each project and recycle them back into the pool after a development cycle. One developer can setup a development environment for a customer, and then the other developers clone it, saving repeated setup time that we used to need. Security is enhanced as developers generally don't need code on their laptops.

We have worked this way for about 15 months. There have been major growing pains and lessons learned as we needed more resources and had to learn to use the system efficiently, but used properly it can be a very useful tool.

Comment Re:Great! (Score 1) 725

This ignores how hard it is to start a new business and grow it to a footprint that can compete with a giant like Walmart, and how long most of us would be stuck with no serious alternative while we wait for that to happen. Besides, at the rate our businesses and government are going, Walmart would be granted a legal monopoly after they wipe everyone else out.

Comment Re:Assange gets arrested. (Score 1) 538

The leak can get to multiple journalists and NGOs. If the story is a human rights abuse in the US and the New York Times refuses to publish it, the story will still get told if it's revealed to Der Spiegel, the Guardian, the Red Cross, and the UN Human Rights Committee.

Of those willing to look at leaks, journalists are more likely to have the connections to properly redact sensitive documents.

Journalists are typically the ones that sift through large accounts such as the 250,000 cables in CableGate to disseminate the interesting information. Historians and political scientists tend to be the others, but they lack the ability to publish as widely as journalists.

Journalists in most countries already have legal protections.

Comment Re:Then stick people in them (Score 1) 431

...and if the capsule breaks, where do we get the air from? Sure, the capsule can have a gas mask, but where is it going to get the air from? For how long?

Even if the capsule doesn't break, how long can its air supply last?

I'm generally not claustrophobic or anything, but the idea of being stuck in a 2 meter capsule that's surrounded by a vacuum doesn't appeal to me at all.


FBI and NYPD Officers Sent On Museum Field Trip 70

In an attempt to "refresh their sense of inquiry" FBI agents, and NYPD officers are being sent to a course at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Art of Perception hopes to improve an officers' ability to accurately describe what they see during an investigation by studying art. From the article: "Amy Herman, the course leader, said: 'We're getting them off the streets and out of the precincts, and it refreshes their sense of inquiry. They're thinking, "Oh, how am I doing my job," and it forces them to think about how they communicate, and how they see the world around them.' Ms Herman, an art historian, originally developed the course for medical students, but successfully pitched it as a training course to the New York Police Academy."

Comment sale vs license (Score 1) 758

What is the difference between a sale and a license? I think applying a license to most cases where the seller has little or no ability to revoke usage results in absurdities. The seller must at minimum be reasonably able to detect most abuses to be able to take it to the courts. If the seller has no control, it has forfeited ownership.

Comment virtual machines (Score 1) 434

I work on a Java development team, and our environment consists of XP machines (IT mandated) running various VMs. The VMs come in handy for us because we support multiple OS (mostly XP and Linux) and middleware stacks for our customers. Another advantage that would be even more notable at the school is that a damaged VM is easily blown away and replaced with little harm.


Son Sues Mother Over Facebook Posts 428

Most kids hate having their parents join in on a discussion on Facebook, but one 16-year-old in Arkansas hates it so much he has filed suit against his mother, charging her with harassment. From the article: "An Arkadelphia mother is charged with harassment for making entries on her son's Facebook page. Denise New's 16-year-old son filed charges against her last month and requested a no-contact order after he claims she posted slanderous entries about him on the social networking site. New says she was just trying to monitor what he was posting." Seems like he could just unfriend her.

Scientists To Breed the Auroch From Extinction 277

ImNotARealPerson writes "Scientists in Italy are hoping to breed back from extinction the mighty auroch, a bovine species which has been extinct since 1627. The auroch weighed 2,200 pounds (1000kg) and its shoulders stood at 6'6". The beasts once roamed most of Asia and northern Africa. The animal was depicted in cave paintings and Julius Caesar described it as being a little less in size than an elephant. A member of the Consortium for Experimental Biotechnology suggests that 99% of the auroch's DNA can be recreated from genetic material found in surviving bone material. Wikipedia mentions that researchers in Poland are working on the same problem."

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