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Comment Re:Maybe they can take a tip from FOX Sports (Score 1) 257

right. instead of fights on the ice, at baseball or football games you get fights in the crowd or parking lot. name calling and screaming obscenities in front of kids are not exclusive to hockey either, that's a really stupid thing to imply. you have no idea what a thug is.

fans didn't like the foxtrax puck effects because it distracted from the already complex situations occurring during the play. watching the puck is (brace yourself for a shocker) not always the most important thing, it's not tennis. a real hockey fan is also looking at other players' positions on the ice, like the goalie who might be out of position or the defensemen who might be outside the zone and too far away to keep the puck in, or the forecheckers who are backing out of the zone in anticipation of a breakaway, or the line change off the bench where there might be too many men on the ice....

Comment Re:And you choose the NFL as your example? (Score 1) 257

Sure, there's 60 minutes, but there are all sorts of rules about when the clock runs and when it doesn't. Much different than basketball and hockey, which don't have the problem of running over.

explain that one. hockey and basketball both have timeouts. i don't watch much basketball, but i can tell you hockey indeed will mess with the clock. in a recent game, a faceoff was set with 0.5 seconds left in the period. the refs bumped it up to 1.5 seconds to allow the possibility of a play after the puck drop. and hockey runs over all the time, we call it overtime (imagine that). when overtime doesn't solve it, there's a shootout. in the regular season overtime is 5 regulation minutes, while during the playoffs it's a full 20 minute period. overtime is sudden death, so there's no predicting exactly when it will end.

most people don't know jack shit about hockey.

Comment Re:Accountability (Score 2) 191

nazi germany began by picking fights with backward countries (austria, poland, czechslovakia) and when nobody did anything (they weren't inconvenient yet, or were to overspent from ww1) they moved on to highly industrialized nations, having expanded its power greatly by feeding on the backward countries. we don't have to but it will happen. history repeats itself.

Comment Re:First PHP post (Score 1) 244

that's strange. i get resume requests through the zend certified yellow pages all the time. i can list tons of companies that are using php. here's a few for you.

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