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Comment Manned space flight is a bust (Score 4, Insightful) 108

People stopped going to the moon and skylab because they ran out of useful things to do there.

The reason for people in space is because it makes for better marketing.

All the science is done by unmanned probes. The Mars rovers have been a huge success. Sure they are less capable than a human, but they are much cheaper, they can stay there a long time, you don't have to bring them back and if something goes wrong on Mars at least nobody gets hurt hence you can tolerate a modest risk of failure.

Comment Re:why? How can you send to IPv6 from within LAN? (Score 1) 104

Assume that you get an IPv6 address assigned to your router. Assume that a computer on your LAN wants to talk to a internet host with IPv6. The NAT box can translate replies from the internet host to IPv4. But how are you going to talk to the IPv6 host? How can you send a packet to an IPv6 address if all you got is IPv4 on your LAN?

I suppose the NAT box could run DNS and make a look-up table mapping IPv6 internet addresses to IPv4 for your home computer to use. This seems a bit of a kludge and it doesn't help you with raw IPv6 addresses.

Clearly, we are stuck with IPv4 for legacy devices for at least 10 years (estimate based on time for floppy to die after it became somewhat useless). Assuming IPv6 does come (I am not certain we won't be living with some awful kludge instead), you will want to also do IPv6 within your LAN.

Comment Re:This is a hidden price - externalities! (Score 2) 324

The problem is that the buyer is the cable company. They don't pay for your electricity and they don't care if you do.

I mean, the end user is typically paying "rent" on the set-top box that the cable company provides, but it's not like you get much of a choice of models. Unless you go with TiVO or myth but I think those are in the minority.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 651

Yes, but that's not how the calculus works.

An executive says, "hey, let's outsource this to those guys in India who work at half the rate!". He sacks the locals, hire new guys. The executive gets a big fat bonus, promotion and pay rise.

As for getting less work done because of inefficiency due to distance &c., well, that's some poor project manager's problem. The executive has already made his bonus.

Did the mortgage meltdown, financial crisis teach you nothing? To paraphrase Lombardi, short term gain for yourself isn't the most important thing, it's the only thing.

Comment Re:How it doesn't works (Score 2) 379

I have a great solution for reducing spam. Don't reply and it will stop. If you don't buy any h3rb4l V1agr4, they eventually notice and stop.

They won't ever notice. For example, my not buying Sony products over the past dozen years is of no discernible impact to Sony. I haven't bought a Dell, but that isn't due to any problem I have with them. How is Sony to infer that I don't care for them, while Dell I just haven't bought from yet?

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 1140

Q: Why not just buy a monitor with the correct/best resolution?

A: Because they no longer sell them.

TFA was talking about laptops.

Until lightning wiped it out, I had a thinkpad t42 with a 14" screen. It was 1440x1050 and 8.5" tall. That's near 120 dpi. The machine weighs under 5 lbs. It was a perfect size and weight. The high resolution was awesome. No current laptop comes close to those specs.

You can no longer find ANY laptop with a screen 8.5" tall and under 5 lbs.

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