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Comment Re:Yeah good luck with that (Score 1) 662

Thats not the point. The point is that its an example of where you technically have nothing to hide, but most people wouldn't want it anyway. The Police shouldn't be monitored because "They must have nothing to hide" because thats the same reasoning they use to get people to surrender their rights.

The "on employer's time" makes much more sense. They're here to serve the public, so the public should therefore be able to make sure they are doing just that, no more, and no less.

Comment Re:Yeah good luck with that (Score 1) 662

Thats a horrible argument. You have nothing to hide when you're taking a shit, everyone does it, but that doesn't mean you want it being recorded.

I agree on principal though. Police should be recorded, as often as possible. They are here to serve and protect, not to "clean up the streets" based on their personal or collective morals.

Not all cops are bad, I've, thankfully, have yet to encounter a "bad" cop. However, I believe that the common person needs more protection against police abuse of power, since it seems to be becoming more and more common.

Comment Re:Intelligence gathering on the police themselves (Score 1) 158

I agree that people generally don't care about privacy and/or security, but I would never have expected being arrested for inviting people to come to a water fight. Unless this "water fight" was supposed to be a large coordinated attack on civilians via water balloons, the arrest is totally unwarranted.

Comment Re:Incorrect? (Score 1) 297

I think its important. They're accusing Samsung of copying their design, and to prove it they decide to resize samsung's product as to make it look as similar as possible to their own design? Somebody mentioned they changed some colors as well.

This is seriously unfair for Samsung. At the very least, the case should be thrown out. Personally, I think Apple owes the courts an apology, and at least some symbolic monetary compensation to Samsung. This kind of behavior shouldn't be allowed.

Comment Re:Stupid slope (Score 1) 440

If you can justify taking out a weapon and firing on him, you should be glad there may be witnesses who saw it happen. If it ever went to court, it would be very difficult for a lawyer to use all the little "mind-tricks" on the jury if just one of those witnesses could step forward and tell the story objectively.

Your example definetly does not apply to a self-defense situation. The guy valued his money more than the lives he took, and for that, he was punished. I highly doubt he would be punished if he sped up to hit someone who was firing a gun at him, for example.

Comment Re:Stupid slope (Score 2) 440

A dead man doesn't testify.

According to my father, that's what he was taught as a soldier in Poland. Shooting to wound can lead to legal trouble, and if you're only looking to wound, you probably don't have grounds to be shooting at all, guns should always be a last resort if you ask me, as in, your absolute last chance.

Not to mention, Im sure its nearly impossible not to "shoot to kill" in an actual deadly situation, you can't honestly expect someone to be 100% calm and dead accurate when in a life or death situation, and so the center of mass approach is generally what happens.

If you do have the time to properly aim and fire in a self-defense situation, you're either Robocop, or you shouldn't be firing.

Comment Re:Change for the sake of change? (Score 1) 835

I've been using LXDE for the past couple months. I dont need much desktop configuration, and the amount it has is more than enough. I'm sure if I played around with themes and stuff I could get a very pretty looking desktop, but its just not that important to me. It's also been pretty stable, but has crashed on me once or twice.

It's memory footprint is also pretty small (I used to run Gnome on this laptop). If you want a bit more functionality and a default "nicer" look, go for XFCE, if you want something lightweight, but maybe a tad more difficult to set up to your specifications, go for LXDE.

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