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Comment Re:You have to wonder (Score 5, Interesting) 498

They shot up two women in a truck, and then in another incident rammed a man that in no way fit dorners description (thin white guy) in his truck and shot at him (he was not hit by any of the shots)

It gets better. They actually stopped him, talked to him, let him go then decided to ram him and shoot at him.

Comment Re:Stop screwing with it so much (Score 1) 171

Rumour has it that Android 4.2 will introduce an advanced skinning system that lets the manufacturer put its skin on but still get OS updates directly from Google. As a bonus the manufacturer (or hacker) will be able to enable an option to switch to vanilla Android too. I really hope that is true.

Seems unlikely. Android 4.2 was released months ago and I haven't noticed this functionality in it yet.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 173

Eh I NEEDED a pata hard drive that I've no clue where I would have found one online, it was a sort of emergency I have until sunday to get it finished. Luckily for me I loaded up amazon right at the end of the outage, i got the error hit refresh, got it again hit slashdot saw nothing, tired refresh again and it worked so yay there. Fixing a computer for an accountant and with tax season starting up it was rather an emergency, however given that I have the whole weekend to finish the machine up I suppose not really.

Comment Re:F*ck off, gun haters (Score 1) 899

Because the gun crime showed an insignificant change as per your snopes article and violent crime in the uk has always been nearly 4x the rate of the us. You yourself already covered the Australia one and the uk violent crime rate is just ridiculous, why do you think they push government monitored security cameras so heavily?

Comment Re:F*ck off, gun haters (Score 1) 899

I'm not cherry picking i googled gun crime in the uk and violent crime in australia, first links for those googled results or are you saying google is cherry picking? (mind you google banned guns from their google shopping listings so that wouldn't make much sense) but here some hard numbers for the uk since you have trouble in 1998/99 there were 13,874 instances of reported gun crime, of those 566 were "imitation" firearms and 8,665 were air guns (note these are both covered under the ban and actually are quite deadly in and of themselves at the ranges involved) leaving 4643 total actual true powder powered gun crimes. In 2005/06 there were 21,521 reported gun crimes (note this is the lowest point since the ban in the report the other years were quite a bit higher) where 3,275 were "imitation" guns and 10,437 were air guns leaving 7,809 total true powder powered gun crimes.

Now on the imitation guns this includes things like improvised weapons firing non bullet projectiles and blank firing guns, anyone who has ever dealt with .either of these can tell you at close range both of those are just as deadly as a pistol, take a blank to the face from an open barrel and you will not survive.
On to the airguns, all that needs to be said about those is Girandoni Air Rifle ( Those aren't handguns mind you but there are less powerful (though still quite lethal) air powered handguns in use in the world.
Now I "cherry picked" as you put it the best numbers in your favor, they still point to gun crime showing a drastic rise since the gun ban was instituted in the UK. If you think the other years in the report are better... well theres 2002/03 with 24,070 or 2003/04 with 24,094. Sorry buddy the numbers absolutely aren't in your favor in UK Gun crime.
Now on to Australia's violent crime ahref= /> Enjoy the graph it shows a clear trend upwards 2007 has the highest recorded rate since 1996 when the gun ban was instituted. The numbers absolutely are not in your favor in either region and snopes is entirely irrelevant to the discussion at hand.

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