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Comment Good god. (Score 1) 308

There shall be an easy way to get rid of it by re-installing Android, just like on Windows.

On the plus side, the only crapware I got is foursquare, facebook (and no twitter...), a shitty game (I saved $3, yay!), an office suite demo, a worse Browser icon and some widgets (even if they are useful sometimes).

Comment Re:Game developer == Hollywood studio (Score 1) 224

Well, compare the WGA and most DRMs.
Windows wants you to activate when you install it. A few minutes and you can get rid of your network connection (or you can call them). If you want some software, it's easy to use it, too. Legitimate customers are happy, pirates find ways to destroy it.
What about the game DRMs? Requiring an Internet connection, fucking up LEGITIMATE customers. Pirates? They destroy it quickly and don't have any problems.
(Licensed Windows XP + Arch Linux)

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