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Comment Re:DOA? (Score 1) 87

When I was I going to college back in 2000, the flavor being pushed by Baker College, Michigan, was Netware 5.0 & 5.1, exclusively for Computer Networking. Netware was a DOS based Network Operating system (NDS) They preached that DOS was the most stable "bottom end" to build your NET OS on for your business! I thought, DOS???????? I knew of MS and their affiliation with DOS and I found that extremely troublesome. NDS "IS" what AD 'copied' from. At the moment I am a retired Family Man that became a Red Hat 5.5 admin that got tired of reporting to Microsoft ignorance at the corporate level. Corporate would hire MS interns that knew "ZILCH" about Unix/Linux. I am now on the verge of owning my own McDonalds Restaurant in McDonalds. I like Novell going to Linux. It just makes scents!!! Words of advice!!! OWN your OWN Business and be done with reporting to someone other than yourself.

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