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Comment Re:Tomcat? (Score 1) 136

No, we'll still get tomcat goodness. There have been murmurs for a while about a massive fork taking place where everyone runs for the openjdk projects and ditches the reference implementations. Changing the licensing on Java toward the end of Sun's lifespan was the best thing that would have happened for the future of Java innovation.

Comment Re:The leaf is not a hybrid (Score 1) 384

The gas engine is the power source if you drive over 40 miles without recharging. That's te key concept behind the Volt. You aren't limited by the battery and its recharge time. You could drive the Volt for 100 days straight, only stopping to refill the gas tank, just like any other car.

you _could_ drive it like any other car, but you don't HAVE to. That's the point of the volt.

Comment Re:My Amiga Memories (Score 1) 289

I grew up(basically) at the Slipped Disk in southfield and loved the auctions at the madison heights location. c64 and A1000(original with the signatures under the case lid) is where I cut my teeth. 313 BBS list for the win.

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