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Submission + - Passcode bypass on iPhone 5 iOS 6.1 allows full access to Phone and Contacts app

PNutts writes: Using a specific sequence of actions it's possible to achieve full access to the Phone and Contacts apps. You can make calls, create and delete contacts, listen to and delete voice mails, etc. Here's a link to the YouTube video showing the procedure:

Comment Re:They're taking the right approach (Score 1) 171

Selling it as a phone that combines the security and safety of an enterprise phone with the features an fun of a "home" phone is the right approach. But they're still going to have to prove themselves on both fronts. And the clock is definitely ticking.

I don't think it's too late for them, but it's definitely the 11th hour.

iOS and Android already have this so what's going to make it stand out?

Comment Re:Needs more clarification (Score 1) 195

I was thinking the same thing - yellow plastic glasses. The website is mostly videos with breathless explainations, disbelieving headshaking at what they've discovered, and questionable claims. The lenses are made from DIAMIX which apparently has no definition outside of their website. Personally I'm disappointed they aren't made of Diamondium.

Comment Re:Needs more clarification (Score 1) 195

I'm wondering how you figure adding 10% grey (don't you mean 10% black?) increases contrast. Both highlights and shadows become darker. To increase contrast, you'd need to lighten the highlights and darken the shadows. If anything, it decreases contrast because it doesn't get blacker than black. Try wearing 90% black sunglasses and see how much the contrast increases.

"It's like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. None more black."

Comment Re:Polarized sunglasses? (Score 3, Informative) 195

Poalized dont do anything for glare except on water from direct sunlight.

Polarized glasses eliminate any light not in the proper orientation, regardless of its source. In the example of sunglasses, besides water it also reduces glare from the streets themselves, metal (manhole covers), etc.

Comment Re:One word: Lawsuits (Score 2) 253

Nah, that was just a poor joke. :) Had she been going 52 and collided with the SUV, I assume the SUV's insurance company would successfully argue that she was double-digit percent at fault for the accident.

I used to work for a guy that always speeded (sped?). He could never figure out why people always cut him off changing lanes or by pulling out in front of him. He just couldn't understand that other drivers don't expect and aren't used to other vehicles going must faster than the speed limit.

Comment Re:Every Russian has a dash cam because.... (Score 1) 253

Or just realise that you regularly leave your car unattended outside, at the mercy of nature and people in the area, and don't worry about small dents and scratches. Leave the dents there and just polish off the scratches to prevent rust. Cars need to look shiny and pristine only if you're foolish enough to believe everything the marketing department tells you.

My car got bumped a few days ago and now the backup object sensor is giving "false positives". Yeah, first world problems, but now I have to decide if the beep is bogus or my kid is behind the car. I'll have to fix it $$$ or turn it off and validate about what's behind me like I did for 31 years and humans have done for about 250 years but that's one of the safety features that made me buy this particular car after spawning. I don't give a hoot about the missing paint on the bumper or the four year old dent on the side, it's not an iPhone.

Comment Re:Exaggeration (Score 3, Informative) 253

If you watch it in slow motion, you see an intact jet fuselage disappear (probably into a ditch) and then see the results of it slamming into the other side with debris flying up and over. That was the real crash, not the plane 4 wheeling off-road after overrunning the runway. I assume there were some kind of arresting barriers but if those wheels were from the nose gear the barriers sure didn't do much. The moments before this video were probably boring with the plane simply continuing on past the runway. The final impact was the money shot. Another angle would have been Hollywood perfect but in real life you take what you can get.

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