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Comment Re:Count me out (Score 1) 264

Teenage girls? For some reason I'm always tempted to attribute those astonishingly backward comments containing "retard/faggot/nigger/etc" words to the mindset of pimply pubescent BOYS utterly lacking any grace, respect or self worth. Sort of like tagging walls to prove that your existence is not futile, and that you do matter (despite your alcoholic deadbeat parents stating otherwise). Perhaps you're right, and it's been girls spilling their bile all along.

Submission + - Google: Microsoft, Comcast and RIAA lead requests for content removal (

daktari writes: Google claims that among copyright owners Microsoft, Comcast and the RIAA make the most requests for removal of content from Google’s search service.

Microsoft requested 2.5 million pages be removed from Google's search service. They're followed by Comcast's NBCUniversal (1 million requests) and the RIAA (400,000) requests.

Submission + - Job, economy fears mix with hope for Class of '12 (

An anonymous reader writes: For the Class of 2012, the optimism of graduation is clouded by the uncertain aftermath of the worst economic slide since the Depression. Last year, graduates 24 and younger posted a 9.3 percent jobless rate; since then, there have been signs of progress.

Submission + - Oz govt pushes ahead with ISP customer data retention (

angry tapir writes: "The Australian federal government is pushing ahead with reforms that could see consumers' information kept on file for up to two years by ISPs. This could include the data retention of personal internet browsing information which intelligence agencies could access in the event of criminal activities by individuals or organisations."

Comment Re:Freemium at its best (Score 1) 204

a mechanism that people can reasonably expect should work on the largest social networking provider in existence at the moment.

You are not Facebook's customer, you are Facebook's product. Facebook will care for their product (=you) only just enough to prevent you from leaving.

Facebook is more a "giant private data collection vortex" than a "social networking provider". It monetises your data and gives you enough "tools" to voluntary share as much personal stuff as they can get away with, leaving you with the illusion that you've gained the upper hand in this exchange.

Comment Re:In the end (Score 1) 103

A patent pool company (until now unbeknown to me) that has registered the bootstrap "the standard for standards". The horror...the horror.

If their website is anything to go by, they make themselves look like foolish small fish. But I guess, to be trading water in the patent pool, one has to have larger shark fins. I could be mistaken though.

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