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Comment Re:Just go away Apple! (Score 1) 316

Certainly not innovative. However ipad is a decent product, as evidenced by the fact that none of the competing tablets seem to give users as good an experience. The iphone is good too; it took over two years before someone had made a decent competing smartphone. Google owns this market now, (completely justified, android is an awesome phone OS). I doubt android would be as good as it is now if it wasn't for the fact that they needed to reach the bar that had been raised by the iphone.

Comment Re:Not until Google+ allows pseudonyms (Score 1) 456

There are plenty of places to use the internet and remain anonymous. Google+ is letting people know that for now, their social network is not one of them. Most people who use social networks use their real name anyway. Google+ might loose out on the interest of the fringe few who insist on being obfuscated in their internet use.

Comment Re:Not until Google+ allows pseudonyms (Score 2) 456

As far as I see it, with it's requirement for real names Google has essentially taken a first real step to being evil, while Twitter on the other side seems to be a much more open platform that is used by a lot of people that don't want their real names to be known for one reason or another.

How do you come up with that conclusion? That's like a child saying their parents are evil for making them go to bed at a reasonable hour. If you look at all the other social networks, a lot of griefing and spam comes out of people using fake accounts and psuedonyms. Its not impossible to do either of those on google+, but its certainly going to make people less likely to do it. I think griefing and spam is evil. I think that google is perfectly justified to prohibit the use of pseudonyms. Especially since its still in the beta phase, and they are still trying to work with a limited user base.

Comment Re:Obviously a respons to the Apple promotion (Score 1) 219

I know someone who is about to buy the lowest rung macbook because they can't afford a better one so they can get the free ipod touch. I offered him my ipod touch in the meantime so he could save up some money and buy a better computer in a year. So yes, people are buying mac's (at least partially) for the ipod.

Comment Re:your own bubble (Score 1) 408

Well, that was an unnecessary insult. It wasn't just me. Most of the people I know with similar leanings were equally shocked. I wasn't seeing any of the good things that they were doing right; they didn't talk about them, and neither did the opposition. It was kind of a ridiculous election. Very american; people spent most of the time slinging dirt at each other instead of talking about policies. I wasn't blindly accepting anyones propaganda, I looked around, and the internet didn't seem to have much positive to say about the conservative party.

Comment Shocked (Score 1) 408

Personally I was shocked to see that the conservatives won a majority in the recent Canadian election, especially since all the information I had been reading on the internet painted them in such a poor light as far as public opinion seemed to be concerned. This actually makes a lot of sense. Perhaps implementing a devils advocate approach to every search; every fifth or tenth item is something that would appeal to someone with polar viewpoints.

Comment Kind of a ridiculous argument (Score 1) 519

Its not the same as calling it theft or stealing. Both those imply that there is a loss of original item. This does not; it implies that the person in question is trying to get something that has value without paying for it. You go out to dinner with friends, one of those friends seems to forget their wallet constantly, they are a freeloader, not a thief or pirate.

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