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Submission + - Ecommerce with Catalyst - a post-project analysis

Denny writes: "Perl is Alive has published a 'six months later' analysis of a Perl ecommerce project which used the popular Catalyst framework at its core. It's a well-written look at how, by choosing various components from CPAN, you can build up a complex custom-tailored system without having to write everything end-to-end yourself. The author concludes that they would "undoubtedly" make the same technology decisions again, given the success of this project, and the quality of 'modern' Perl libraries and frameworks which are now available from CPAN."

Comment Re:One of the worst proprietary vendors... (Score 1) 168

Thanks for proving my point. The "counterfeit coin" is the false premise that the individual exists to serve the collective. The "parties" only differ in how they want to waste the wealth they steal by force. You support the Democrat party and oppose the Republican party, but in the long run it doesn't matter which party prevails because both of them are pursuing the same immoral agenda and America will continue to decline because of it.

Comment Re:One of the worst proprietary vendors... (Score 4, Informative) 168

The Democrat and Republican parties are the two sides of a counterfeit coin. Heads? they win, tails? we lose. Their core agenda is unified, and they have perfected the art of keeping half the country fighting the other half to support it. I'm waiting for an ex-Professional wrestler to show up with magic sunglasses (I won't fight it, I'll put them on right away).

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