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GNU is Not Unix

GPL, Copyleft Use Declining Fast 808

itwbennett writes "Use of the GPL, LGPL, and AGPL set of licenses is declining at an accelerating rate, according to new analysis by the 451 Group's Matthew Aslett. In fact, the 451 Group projects that GPL usage will hit 50% by September 2012. Instead, developers are licensing projects under permissive licenses such as the MIT, Apache (ASL), BSD, and Ms-PL. The shift started in 2007 and has been gathering momentum ever since. Blogger Brian Proffitt posits that 'the creation of the GPLv3 and the sometimes contentious discussion that led up to it' may be partly responsible for the move away from the GPL."

Comment Cathedral (Score 3, Interesting) 200

Not that I think the "Catherdral vs. Bazaar" comparison is really that appropriate as a tool for measuring social networks (and it wasn't intended for that either), but using Google+ will always be - no matter how you twist and turn it - on their rules and conditions. And this regardless of wheter anonymous accounts are allowed or not. The only way to have a truly "bazaar" social network model would be using decentralized nodes. I admit I don't know much about Diaspora, but wasn't that one of their selling points?

Submission + - We strongly reccommended that you exit all Windows 1

Meshach writes: Nearly every Windows installer says it right after you launch the installer: "It is strongly recommended that you exit all Windows programs before running this setup program". But I want to know is there anyone who does this? Moreover is this dire warning really necessary? Judging from the number of times I have skipped it I would say not.

Submission + - Lennart Poettering: BSD isn't relevant anymore (

halfaperson writes: In an interview with, Lennart Poettering speaks freely about his creations, PulseAudio, Avahi and systemd among other things. Naturally, what has stired up most of the discussions online is Lennarts opinions on BSD. Following the recent proposal to make Gnome a Linux exclusive desktop, Lennart explains that he thinks BSD support is holding back a lot of Free Software development. This while also taking a stab at Debian kFreeBSD: "Debian kFreeBSD is a toy OS, people really shouldn't misunderstand that."

Comment Some more details (Score 5, Informative) 181

Some interesting details from Aaron Seigo in a blog post here. While his post makes a pretty strong point, for those of us who are looking for more specific critique, I found the most interesting parts hidden in the comments, such as this, also from Aaron Seigo:

@Lennart: "If you list this notifier spec, then I can list you the sound theming/naming specs which KDE has shown no interest in."

that's an incorrect comparison.

if we (KDE) had offered a bunch of critique on the sound theme spec, had someone come to us with an implementation in Qt and then still gone off and done our own thing instead, then it would be an adequate comparison. but that isn't what happened, is it? :)

we (KDE) simply haven't gotten around to implementing the sound theming spec. why? as you note, it's not a high priority for us. but i guarantee you that if someone stepped up to do some work on the event sounds infra in kdelibs, stop #1 would be that naming spec.

also, this is not an odd "oops, we just didn't get around to it" event on the part of GNOME: how's that job D-Bus implementation in GNOME 3 coming? you know, the one that needlessly duplicates the one KDE implements, which we actually designed with thought of cross-project use including getting some feedback from non-KDE devs? or how about the screensaver D-Bus API which we implemented specifically with collaboration with GNOME devs at SUSE, only later to have GNOME not implement it and then complain to us that it used the org.freedesktop namespace? or how about how GNOME devs specifically blocked the formation of a common git repository for fd.o specs, and then when there was finally agreement (after an in-person meeting) insist on implementing it themselves, ignoring that repo had already been started but by people with email addresses, and then after taking months to eventually duplicate that effort not implement the most critical part of it: the metadata?

in contrast, we could see how KDE implemented support for the visual notificatons D-Bus protocol as implemented in GNOME, even though it has evident limitations and is a 100% subset of something we already have in the form of KNotify ... simply to provide compatibility. would GNOME devs do that today? doubtful, because our priorities, as you point out, are indeed different.

what GNOME needs is not more apologists making excuses for poor behavior but people who will stand up and take ownership of their actions.

Comment Re:Sorry, no "dirty tricks" campaign here... (Score 4, Insightful) 1060

He had consensual sex with 2 women, who are now complaining he didn't use a condom, which is apparently illegal in Sweden, but it's hardy rape by most people's definition.

Nonsense. Having consensual sex without a condom is hardly illegal in Sweden or any other civilized country for that matter. From what I gather, the condom actually broke during intercourse with one of the women and Mr Assange was asked to stop, and he didn't. Yeah, that's at least called sexual assault in Sweden, and since it's no longer consensual I can't really see what else it would be called.

Of course, what really happened between them is only known by Julian Assange and the two women. Let's not judge anyone just yet.

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