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Comment Re:yeah. 'codebase written in 1999'. (Score 1) 59

Wow. You sound pretty angry. Ok. You keep in those e-commerce 'trenches' then. Sounds like you're having tons of fun down there. So using the term 'codebase' to you == naive bullshit. Well what pray tell am I supposed to term the code that makes up the application? Would you prefer the entirety of the application code? What would sound less 'weekend coder' or enthusiastic to you? That last line is pretty laughable. I never ever thought I'd read someone expounding the virtues of an e-commerce app sounding like a religious zealot / excerpt of bad sci-fi dialogue, but there you have it.

Comment Re:Presta shop guide, pimping you presta shop. (Score 1) 59

Yeah well that's how OsCommerce does it by creating one off symlinks to the actual you get a one off download URL. Prestashop is a lot more simple to set up than Magento from what I've seen. Magento looked pretty powerful, but for a small e-commerce site just a bit of overkill... Not so sure about Oxid, but I just know that so far I've been pretty impressed with the feature set of prestashop, it's look and feel and the general quality of the app.

Comment Re:Presta shop guide, pimping you presta shop. (Score 3, Informative) 59

Sorry but....that's bullshit. Prestashop, whilst not the most effectively documented codebase in the world, is way better written, is easily more extensible and doesn't look like it was designed or the codebase written in '99. I had to write three payment modules and set up a prestashop install recently and everything, from the module development, to the templating system they employ to to the quality of code under the hood appeared streets ahead of oscommerce. The only gripe I had with Prestashop is their use of php output buffer functions to serve up downloadable products, which really is a resource hog if you're dealing with a 400mb download. it would be great if they offered the option of symlinking downloads ala os commerce if you're in a *nix environment.

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