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Comment Get over it. (Score 1) 112

Shocker this, the Slashdot community hates anything to do with Social Media anyway. Why am I still surprised on the vitriol?

That said, I think this is an amusing idea. Sure, some people will buy according to like-counts, but I would HOPE that that would be a small percentage compared to those that buy by personal taste and fit. This is only the obvious next-step beyond typical advertising.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to see a man on Craigslist about buying a bridge.

Comment Re:The best/worst things about the US government (Score 2) 910

I can't argue with this. More and more, people are now feeling the backlash of spending too much, expecting too much and doing too little to make it happen.

My condolences are out to the people that have fallen on hard times. That said, money is rather easy to come by, and people are always willing to shovel tasks off on someone willing to do them for a price, no matter how menial. In fact, doing something is better than lying around bemoaning about having "nothing to do." And, assuming it's not against someone's ethical code or harms anyone else, I don't see the problem in doing it.

They call that "work ethic."

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