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Comment Re:Yes! (Score 1, Troll) 227

Can I arrest [ Republican Party here in the U.S.] and still pretend to give a fuck about free speech, like you Germans?

Why do you bother asking stupid questions you already know the answer to?

Are the US Republican party promulgating Nazi ideology in Germany?

Why do you pretend to give a fuck about free speach when the only thing you can use that freedom for is to be an idiot on the internet?

Comment Re:Yes! (Score 2) 227

A lot of things should be hated and a lot of things should be loved. One of the purposes of free speech is to determine which is which. If "incitement to hatred" is the problem, would I be prosecuted for inciting hatred of the death camps?

Incitement to hatred of people.

Anyway, don't bother arguing with me about it. It's the citizens of Germany who decide what is and what is not allowed in Germany, not some random internet loser.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 292

Oh, I understand why people might not want a nuclear armed Iran.

I just don't think any informed person is basing that opinion on paranoid fantasies like yours,

I mean, seriously? A nuclear armed state giving its weapons to another country, let alone a non-state actor like Hezbollah. You must be joking.

And the idea that Bashar would use nukes inside his own country? It's just silly.

Comment Re:So? (Score 1) 292

Which is why they shouldn't have a nuclear bomb. The fact is they control Syria


and Lebanon

Even more nonsense.

A nuclear Hezbollah bombing Israel,

paranoid fantasy. You don't bomb countries that can bomb you back.

nuclear Syria bombing its civilians

If Bashar wanted to use WMD's on his own territory he'd be a lot more likely to use his huge stock of chemical weapons - less mess to clean up afterwards,

and Iran nuclear bombing Saudi citizens rather than trying to gun down their ambassador in DC could be a very frightening situation than anyone imagined.

Big on imagination aren't you.

Comment Re:Not daft? (Score 1) 139

M. Hollande is old school ENA (Ecole Nationale d'Administration) which turns out highly-educated senior French bureaucrats and politicians, who, whatever else they may be, are not daft.

Not Daft? They why is he pursuing austerity, a policy which has always led to economic depression and increased debt? It is nice he restrained to blow education, but then why blowing everything else?

Uh, because of the fucking Germans.

Comment Re:will Massive Online Courses control college cos (Score 1) 139

I really hope it hasn't - at £5000/year full time, it's tuition fees are considerably lower than the £9000/yr everyone else seems to be charging for an undergraduate degree. When you take into account the student loans that everyone here takes out to pay them, lower tuition fees seem like a good way to reduce our reliance on credit.

And please never forget that the people who voted for those fees didn't pay them themselves, instead they were paid to go to university.

(AFAIR I used to get about GBP 1000 a year, not a lot even then, but I left university with a a debt of only GBP 200. <yorkshireman>Try telling that to the kids of today</yorkshireman>).

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