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Comment It's not yet available (Score 2, Insightful) 192

Just like flying cars, warp travel, or a cure for cancer.

WTF folks. Why link it if it's not available? Sure, the "golly gee wiz" effect might get a whole five minutes if someone reads very slowly, but if it's not available then linking to it doesn't do anybody any good. By the time it does become available it will be long forgotten to all except those that make out a 3x5 card, and tacks it up on the wall.

Comment Re:How about winter flight (Score 1) 88

The LHC is noteworthy for breaking down.

Of course, we aren't talking about the LHC or your Atom powered computer. I simply do not see the hoopla over the aircraft until it flies on a day with the shortest period of daylight. Then I'll think it's fairly 'neat'. The lack of any serious payload is another thing entirely. Any jackass with enough money could have done this. It's a small, tiny, increment in air flight technology. Whoop it up all you like, eventually it won't lead anywhere useful.

Comment This is NEWs? (Score 1) 319

Anybody that's been dealing with this stuff already knew that it was being served up by ad servers. The people running the ad servers evidently do not check scripts for malware before they are put into rotation, and they'll sell ad rotation to anybody that has the money with no questions asked.

This is not new news, I am not shocked by this, nobody should be.

Comment Re:The Deep Magic is still there... (Score 1) 245

The old days are just old. Deep knowledge now is in understanding how things work in operating systems, and as you pointed out, things like JVM. Things from the days of yore can be just fun, that's all that's left to do with it. I still hand compile z80 routines for the zx81, and punch them into a basic loader all for the fun of it.

But, all things here said, I noticed there's a marked difference between the old guys and the young dudes. I haven't seen many young people able to get their head into the machine unless they physically stick it into the (preferably open) side of the case. They know things work from a black box standpoint, but they don't understand how they work, and that part hasn't changed much other than to get more complicated as far as increased signal line counts and such. I told one kid that the only way he's going to figure out a problem was to think through the box, he had no idea what I was talking about... I guess you had to be there. Sometimes, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, I get into thinking that the young ones never paid their dues, but then I remember that it's us old ones that brought them to this point with the creation of tools that made everything easier so there's less need to go down to the bare metal.

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