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Comment Me wasn't that bad... (Score 1) 763

Win ME wasn't that bad if you spent some time tweaking it. Disabling the stuff you don't need and getting the right drivers for it.
I remember I had it stable and running without a reboot for a whole month once!
I used it for gaming, IRC, school work, chatting, and movies/music, etc.

The nicest thing about it was that it was actually faster than 98se in games, by about 5%; and 98se was about 5% faster than win2k.
But this was back when FPS meant everything and people spent stupid amounts of time overclocking and putting stickers on their cases. Of course it did have its issues and it never seemed to run well on anyone elses machines. I may have just been really lucky.

Comment Another win for Trickle-Down economics.... (Score 1) 366

1) Man earns millions from oil industry.
2) He dies.
3) His son inherits the money.
4) His son dies.
5) His grandson inherits the money.
6) His grandson gets scammed and loses the money.
7) His grandson's scammers spend some of the money.
8) His grandson's lawyers are paid to fight the scammers.
9) His grandson's lawyers buy a new Mercedes.

See? It *does* trickle down! It just takes 2 generations and some scamming to get it spread around!

Comment TVs can have this, and have had it. (Score 2, Informative) 625

IIRC, our Phillips Magnavox large screen CRT TV had a "Smart Sound" feature that basically just normalized the volume all the time. I have to say it worked pretty well. I'd always notice watching TV at someone elses house that some ads played REALLY loud compared to the program. We had that TV from about the mid 90's I think.

Why don't more TVs have it? (rather, I know "cost" is probably the main reason, but it should be a good enough feature to be fairly standard today, you'd think)

Comment "Sell your gold for cash!" ads (Score 1) 482

Does anyone else remember those ads on TV that tried to get you to sell your excess gold for cash? I think it was about a decade ago.

Interesting how now that the price of gold is three times what it was 10 years ago*, they're trying to sell it back to us. And by interesting I mean not surprising. Those ads always seem sleezy to me. Some guy in his 50's with glasses on a wooden desk blabbing on for like 3 minutes about gold and why you should sell it.

Of course, I don't have any gold nor have I purchased any, so I can't really complain. And I could be totally wrong since I don't follow these kinds of things. Someone correct me if I am.

Comment 2nd Edition has already been printed (Score 5, Informative) 306

From the previous /. story that covered this, in the comments:

"The blurb is intentionally misleading here. The govt gave the OK for the book but then upon a later review they were worried about some names released and a 2nd printing has already been agreed upon by both parties. They are just deciding what to do with 10k books that were already printed. Obviously the publisher spent money to already print them so they aren't going to just destroy them."

So nothing to see here, move along...

Comment Re:Wifey was gutted... I wasn't (Score 4, Insightful) 103

I was going to disagree with you until I read one of the Facebook comments on the blog post talking about the error:

"John Marshall: how do i get job workin with facebook i live in newcastle in uk can any one from facebook staff get or can some one give me a email address that i can use to contact facebook please"

very doomed.

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