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Comment Re:I have an idea to stop the need for anti-biotic (Score 1) 551

The thing about evolution and genetics is that there are tradeoffs. For instance, we're probably breeding cows to maximize meat production (size and muscle mass genes). This isn't free - more mass means sacrifices are made in other areas, perhaps the immune system is one area which loses effectiveness because of genetic factors related to breeding larger cows.

Comment Re:It's really a moot question (Score 1) 1027

So were the facts that determined rightness to be the domain of religion gathered by the scientific method? That's a little pedantic...but so is claiming that all of science is a model. Science is also about observation and understanding (perhaps in the effort of modeling but that is chicken v. egg).

Comment Re:lolwut (Score 1) 324

Haven't not actually read up on Consumer Reports' review of the device (not getting an iPhone) I can't say for certain, but it seems to me like consumer reports is an organization dedicated to rigorously testing consumer goods. Performing scientific testing and then reporting on it isn't an anecdote.

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