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Comment Re:"With a Computer" (Score 1) 210

It's just like fortune cookies.

Append "in bed" and you get a laugh.

Append "with a computer" and you get a software patent.

Oh good call! **adds the word 'quantum' in between "with a" and "computer"**
Now if you'll excuse me, I've got about 10 million software patents to file.

Comment GOOD! (Score 3, Informative) 324

Good! I personally love Microsoft Security Essentials. It does exactly what you want in a Virus Protection Program: 1) Keep an icon in the system tray indicating that "You Are Protected" 2) Stay out of your way and use very few system resources.
In all seriousness, I am a corporate IT technician and I prefer MSE over any other memory-hogging, system-crippling, scaring-you-with-false-warnings virus program out there.
Plus it's FREE. FREE!

Comment Re:Is it not time to give up yet? (Score 2, Interesting) 764

A reasonable fine would be on the order of $50 to $100 per song.

I see where you're getting at but in what world is $50-$100 a reasonable amount to pay for creating more of an infinite resource? Let's say you sell joke books. Now let's say I pick up one of your books in the store and read a joke. Later I repeat the joke to some of my friends and we all laugh. Have I stolen something? Am I a thief? Of course not.
The real issue is that computers and the internet have created a truly unlimited resource. When you think about it, copying an MP3 is similar to matter replication in Star Trek: At your command you can create an exact duplicate of something at no cost! Now many companies stand to lose their entire business if people realize the infinity in computer information replication. The only way they know how to survive is to perpetuate a fake sense of scarcity for their product. This is a comedy article that illustrates what I mean by fake scarcity.

Comment Re:If there only was ... (Score 2, Funny) 122

A device that allowed you to listen to music without disturbing others. Some kind of very small speakers that you can put very close to your eardrums. Oh well, we'll have to do with freaking cones of silence.

The old micro-sized-speakers-in-close-proximity-to-the-eardrums ploy. That's the third time I've fallen for that this month!

Comment Re:Also (Score 5, Insightful) 157

Ok hang on a second. Let's slow down with the inflammatory headlines here, okay? The Google Street View cars picked up partial hashes of data from unsecured routers. And as far as Google "admitting" to collecting the data, that was something they announced last May. So put down your rape whistle, kdawson, there's nothing sinister going on here.

Comment Re:"Theft increases sales" (Score 1) 305

The summary tries to spin this story as "theft increases sales". In reality the theft just prompted the author to do the smart thing and talk to potential customers.

The word "theft" in your post really gets in the way of the point you're making. Also, the real takeaway here is that it made a huge difference when an artist acknowledged his fans for enjoying his art.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 103

Headline: "Malware Running On Graphics Cards" TFS/TFA: "Here's a paper showing that malware on graphics cards is theoretically possible and could possibly evade detection." If you were trying to sensationalize the headline, you might as well have thrown "won't anyone think of the children!?!?" in there as well.

No kidding! This is just as bad as as that rail-gun rocket launcher headline from 2 weeks ago that had nothing to with crazy weapons.

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