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Comment OT: Fake maple syrup (Score 2) 387

There's a lot of domestic fake maple syrup, which is nothing but maple syrup-flavored corn syrup. So, don't get too nationalistic in criticizing the crap the Chinese are sending us.

BTW, I heard a year or so a go there was an effort to make a law banning selling anything not pure maple syrup as such.

Comment Bookmarks are a weak data model (Score 1) 171

Mind you, I can't think of a better alternative but there's something inefficient about them. Especially with Mozilla's high-maintenance UI. Personally, I think I'd be happy with bookmarks separated into an easy-to-populate short list of favorites (like Mozilla's favorites home page) and a disposable link bucket where I can save a link I had trouble finding, but remove it as soon as I access it again.

Comment You're all getting what you asked for (Score 5, Interesting) 329

All the over-the-top criticisms about how much George Lucas sucked and how anyone could do a better job and how he's just milking the franchise (6 moves in 30 years and a handful of TV projects?). You're about to get pile drived by reality. You're going to see what it looks like when a corporation REALLY milks a franchise to get their 4 billion back in one CEO terms. You're going to see what a REAL mass-appeal version of Star Wars looks like with Disney-developed child stars and some schmuck producer's pet actress/mistress on the billboard. And, unlike the prequels, you're REALLY going to find out what it feels like to turn your back on a franchise instead of nerd raging about how you will after your last ThinkGeek purchase.

Comment Re:This idea is getting worse every day... (Score 2) 329

And, nobody told you the difference between hyperbolic, headline-grabbing crucifixion and thoughtful criticism. Most of these sci-fi movies that induce Slashdot nerd rage seems to somehow build up a big fan base, revenue, and many-many repeat viewings. Yet, the critically acclaimed sci-fi flicks get nothing more than quiet whimpering over how poor the quality is of your pirated copy.

Comment Re:DNS fix worked for some (Score 1) 74

I'm not talking about that guy with the fluke round or short run or someone in a vehicle. Heck I've had 50ish-3 rounds in AA. Last night I was on Metro and a guy was 110ish and 8. Even if you get a perfect sniping spot, you're not going to get that good a run just because of the random guy breaking through the lines and nailing you.

Comment Re:What can we DO? (Score 5, Interesting) 419

I live in Kansas and I for one have very little sympathy for these farmers. They hoist these corporations up on their shoulders and carry them to Washington to turn around and stiff their communities. Small towns all over the Midwest are evaporating because the citizens are inexplicably voting to peel back all of the liberal reforms from the Great Depression that protected their livelihoods. Now, all their kids are fleeing to the cities without the slightest notion of returning. There are small towns where the largest source of income is Social Security!

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