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Comment Re:DNS fix worked for some (Score 1) 74

I'm not talking about that guy with the fluke round or short run or someone in a vehicle. Heck I've had 50ish-3 rounds in AA. Last night I was on Metro and a guy was 110ish and 8. Even if you get a perfect sniping spot, you're not going to get that good a run just because of the random guy breaking through the lines and nailing you.

Comment Re:What can we DO? (Score 5, Interesting) 419

I live in Kansas and I for one have very little sympathy for these farmers. They hoist these corporations up on their shoulders and carry them to Washington to turn around and stiff their communities. Small towns all over the Midwest are evaporating because the citizens are inexplicably voting to peel back all of the liberal reforms from the Great Depression that protected their livelihoods. Now, all their kids are fleeing to the cities without the slightest notion of returning. There are small towns where the largest source of income is Social Security!

Comment DNS fix worked for some (Score 1) 74

EA had published a link to a forum post about redirecting you DNS queries to Google's servers; and I'd assumed that there was DNS change that needed to propagate and never looked any further.

As for PunkBuster, either it sucks or the vendors suck. I've been an avid FPS player for maybe 10 years, and I've never seen a game so shamelessly hacked. I don't know what kind of statistical analysis they're employing, but some guys cheat like they don't give a crap. People, including admins sniping with shotguns, 10-1 ratios in CQ fighting, pure hokeyness.

Comment Short list (Score 1) 322

A functioning watch
Wifi to seamlessly resync with NTP servers
Advanced watch functions like alarm, stop watch and timer
MicroSD card reader
MP3 player
Desktop sync (through blue tooth?)
Maybe a battery cell band for increased power
headphone jack (you'll need a technique to secure the wire for joggers, exercisers, etc)
Simple notification system to receive texts, email, tweets, FB updates, etc., seriously doubt sending capability will work

Lose all the extended functionality like web browsing unless you plan on pimping a new ultra low-end mobile format for displaying web pages.

Comment Re:more math and science won't bring jobs (Score 1) 583

Amen to that. People can't seem to figure out that Americans will NEVER be able to compete against a massive country that allows dumping in their environments, treats workers like slaves, and forces them to work in unsafe conditions. Our prioritizing of human, worker, and environmental rights is what created the economy that countries like China are exploiting.

Comment Re:I didn't watch the speech (Score 1) 583

Lots of life is about tradition and ceremony. The President uses the SotU to pose his major policies for the year with the biggest audience he'll have. Even if the proposals go nowhere, they at least start the debate and inject the topics into public discourse. I've been reading minimum wage threads everywhere. Would you prefer he email his proposals to each citizen?

Being dismissive and checking out doesn't make you cool.

Comment Re:Democrat proposes more spending, what a surpriz (Score 1) 583

It was a projected surplus. Been a while since I followed all this, but because government accounting is so tricky and projects go out sometimes 10 years in advance, the surplus wasn't money in the bank, it was projected savings. Of course, there was a loud "give us our money back" campaign on the right which gobbled that all up and then some.

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