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Comment Re:Not how it works (Score 2) 371

No, developers must release the source code to ANYONE who requests it, regardless of whether they received the binary or not.

Read clause 3(b), the part where it says "any third party". The key word is "any".

No, because they have only to comply with one of the three clauses (a), (b), or (c), and even if they choose (b), they only have to provide the written offer to the receiver of the binary, notwithstanding that the actual offer must be valid for any third party (thereby making 3(c) possible).

Comment Re:They can charge what they like (Score 3, Insightful) 371

Are you certain you have read the GPL?

Your statement that it requires one to give the source to anyone who gets the binary is INCORRECT.

WRONG: Firstly, they may distribute the source code alongside with the binary (see 3(a)), and if they choose 3(b), the offer has to be valid for any third party, but they only have to give it to the person who receives the binary. This person could then decide to post the offer on the Internet.

And you explicitly do NOT need to pay the scumbag's $3.99 binary fee before you can get his source.

Also wrong, they can charge all they want for the binary, because only when you receive the binary you are legally entitled to also get the source code. In other words, at least one person must pay the guys, and this person can then redistribute the binary and the source code gratis.

Comment Re:Pay the $3.99 (Score 1) 371

The GPL clearly states that you may redistribute the binary provided that one of the three options 3(a-c) is fulfilled. Clearly, choosing (a) and redistributing the source code alongside with the binary is enough to comply with the GPL.. Redistributing by means of 3(c) can only be offered by someone who got the offered the source code by means of 3(b).

Comment Re:Wonder how much Apple stock he owns? (Score 4, Insightful) 153

Of course: people innovate, with or without patents. They did so for millennia without patent protection and it went just fine. Actually, without patents its easier to innovate, because you don't need to worry about other peoples "intellectual property", instead you have to worry about how to stay ahead.

Comment Re:Keep nuclear tech out of the hands of the unsta (Score 1) 131

Israel has openly and notoriously demanded the US attack Iran for over 20 years, of course Iran should have nukes.

only if you subscribe to this moral equivalence bullshit that says: [...].

No, what is trying to tell you is that for 20 years we are told that Iran almost has nukes. One would think that if they really wanted them, they would already have them by now.

Comment Re:Biking is better (Score 1) 342

Sure about that 25 minute figure? I figure I'm doing well if from door to door I can shower and change clothes in 10 minutes so you're somehow claiming it takes 15 minutes in car or on bike....

That's not what he is claiming. Where I come from (Germany) we go by bike to work and don't take a shower each time, because we don't got that fast, and hence, don't sweat. Still, with the bike you can take short cuts that are not allowed for the car, you can avoid traffic lights and jam traffic, and because of that you will not lose much time as compared to going by car, in other words the 25min vs. 15 min figures is reasonable.

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