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Comment Re:#1 - Not managing the pointers and memory yours (Score 1) 394

#2 - Initialize all variables to known values. int i; doesn't cut it. int i=0; does.

True dat. Lots security pitfalls here too -- not just garden variety bugs.

This is a pet peeve of mine. It's very bad advice to throw in meaningless initializations. If a variable has no meaningful value, you want tools like valgrind to be able to recognize this and catch code that tries to use this value. If you set it to 0, but then don't mean that variable to be read without being set to something else first, you've done yourself a disservice.

Comment Re:B-b-b-but I thought Apple was a marketing compa (Score 1) 346

Basically it looks like we don't need any higher resolution than what the iPhone and others have achieved, anything more would be pointless.

Unless you happen to have a $5 pair of magnifying eyeglasses that is.

The biggest problem with viewing web pages on a cell phone is that you can't see enough pixels at the same time. If you want to keep a 1920x1080 display in your pocket, you need to go beyond retinal and use a lens to magnify it.

Comment Re:Games too (Score 2, Informative) 595

I am not seeing any phone that currently supports the whole flash experience: Just the Flash Lite option.

That list is a little out of date. The Nokia N900 runs the desktop version of Flash 9.

On the other hand, many flash games require more CPU than a mobile device can really provide at the moment.

Comment Re:It depends (Score 1) 390

It leads me to the following question: "is there a place where we can buy ebook in a non-crappy drm encumbered format ?"

I use Fictionwise, which is now owned by Barnes & Noble. They have a very wide selection of what they call "Multiformat" ebooks that are available without any DRM at all. Although they do also sell "secure" ebooks, the web site makes it very easy to filter these out and only browse titles that are available without DRM.

Comment Re:Possibly another reason (Score 1) 306

The bigger *any* organization gets, the less efficient it becomes.

Is that why Walmart has to charge such high prices? To cover all that inefficiency?

It's not size that leads to government inefficiency, it's a lack of competition. If you could pick one of three governments to pay your taxes to, you'd see efficiency shoot way up.

Comment Re:Repeat after me: Death to DRM. (Score 1) 437

The choice is not between "content with DRM" and "content with no DRM", but "content with DRM" and "less content with no DRM".

That's only true in the short term. Those who advocate boycotting DRM infected media are concerned with the long term. If enough consumers avoid products with DRM, then the market will adapt and cease to sell works with DRM and content with no DRM will become available. That's how boycotts work.

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