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Comment No. (Score 1) 385

No, it doesn't relate to all of us. Not many of us, I'm sure, though I can't speak for everyone. Those are the complaints of someone who is mad -- and is in his right to be. We may not like pathetic GUI designs and restrictive software but, in the end, the computer still is that magical logical machine. That's my view -- is it yours?

Comment Re:Using what video drivers? (Score 1) 256

Video drivers for Linux aren't that crappy. I achieve good performances with Nvidia cards and their proproietary drivers. The same machine running Windows and Linux (both quite lightweighted) show me that Linux is faster in some games running through Wine (OGL). I've also tested native games on either platform and seen the same results. Of course, there are other factors here...

Comment Re:Maybe so... (Score 1) 1224

Well, I get what you mean, but that's not what my method teaches them. My method may have that as a basis (the fear of them), as well as other arguments (such as the fact that no sudden changes should be made to a human or the fact that there is a much higher probability of them understanding the issue this way). However, the method itself is that of slowly trying to teach them into this, not explicitly stating the 'why' -- sure they can understand the 'why', but if we don't spread it around like monsters we might be safe. The real question is: What tells us that what we do is actually better? Why can't they be right? I personally think they're not, but that doesn't mean that we are; besides that, I'm an anti-religious idiot, who would care about anything that I have to say? It's not like...I sell magazines or have the looks to be elected and trying to change a people's POV...

Comment Re:The media really are pussies (Score 1) 1224

Not me, not you, our ancestors. You know, those religious fucktards that killed each other because of religion itself? Learn your history and honor it, then find a username and post with that. What we -- yes, WE -- did was truly awful and is, if I may, part of the reason as to why I oppose to religion.

Comment Re:The media really are pussies (Score 1) 1224

There's a problem: it doesn't depend on us. It'd all be fine if we could all cope with the fact that we're mocked at; but the muslims have a different culture and some of them aren't used to coping with that. What's the problem with not coping? Banging is the problem, because they can cause terror.
You can't just come to /. and say: "Grow up, you shouldn't bother with that.". You need to understand that they won't listen to you and that they can effectively attack people because of it, as I see it.
We need to make them see that, indeed, people should control themselves when they're mocked at. On the other hand, you can't just skip over the whole "making see" process and suddenly start showing them Muhammad in a bear suit -- that's just ridiculous. Imagine you're used to never being mocked and, suddenly, without knowing that's possible, or even acceptable, people start stripping your clothes off and laughing, what could happen? Bad things, because you weren't taught how to behave in such a situation.

Many Muslims are in a situation similar to what we went through with Crusades and the like. It's a phase (and they aren't nearly as bad as we were back then, really) -- it's a transition phase and we need to help them go through it; baby steps.

So, you see, I agree with you, just not with the method that was implicit in your text. And this applies to all pseudo-religions, as I, myself, am an atheist-bastard.

Comment Re:It's cool (Score 1) 320

Be glad you added "Most" to your sentence, or this Ubuntu user would BUST YOUR ASS.

But, really, I get what you mean; yet, it isn't just Ubuntu users that are idiots, it's the new wave of Linux users that hang around forums saying: "Why 1s my L1neks so not cool like like a windows I know it can be cool but a windows virus and linkx not ubuntu good!"

Idiots, those users.

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